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Kozak Korner #05. September 10, 2021




Director's Message

Dear KIS Community,

A conversation I had today with a parent reminded me of how much is constantly going on at KIS and the vast amount of information that is shared to and from the community. It can be overwhelming at times. We really want parents, students, and teachers to know what is going on at the school and so are working to make this information more accessible and easier to find. If also feels like this school year has provided a little more mental space for us to return to things we previously have done. One of the MSA goals for QSI and KIS is transparent communication, so we hope to improve in this area.

KIS also has an eye towards building more community than we were previously permitted. After a conversation with PTO, there has been a slight change of plan concerning our Coffee Chat dates and having one of these events on campus for parents. While the weather is nicer, it does make the possibility of a meeting more doable. Therefore, we would like to host two separate coffee chats on September 28th & 29th. One will be for Preschool and Elementary parents and the other will be for Middle School and Secondary. This way, we can keep the groups smaller. We will plan to set up a space with chairs outside for those who plan to attend. If you plan to attend this event, please complete the form below. We hope to have more of these events in the future.

Virtual Coffee Chat with KFN

Date: Wednesday, September 22nd

Time: 10:00-11:00

Location: Zoom Meeting

On Campus Coffee Chat with PTO and Admin

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 28th & 29th

Time: 8:30-9:30

Location: KIS Campus Front Playground Area

Please, fill in the ATTENDANCE FORM here. 


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School

Upcoming Events

!! 15 September - Virtual Coffee Chat with KIS Admin Team is CANCELLED

16 September - Emergency Drill

20 September - Fall MAP testing begins

22 September -Virtual Coffee Chat with KFN (Lunch Services)

27 September  - Individual Portraits week 

28 & 29 September - On Campus Coffee Chats with PTO and Admin

Message from MS Director of Instruction

Dear Middle School Families,

Our E&S program is taking shape! What is E&S? Students have E&S class every day for 45 minutes. It is a collection of homeroom time, support time and extension activities.

In E&S on Monday, students meet with their homeroom teacher. The class plans their week ahead by looking at the Shared Planner together while students fill out their paper planner. The Shared Planner can be accessed here at any time by students or parents: MS Shared Planner - Kyiv International School ( . Most Mondays, a part of the homeroom time will also be dedicated to our Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. Parents will receive an email from the homeroom teacher describing what these lessons are about – if you are a returning KIS or QSI family, this is the same program as in years past.

In E&S on Tuesdays and Fridays, students receive support, this is the “S” part of E&S. Teachers have a system of sharing students so students that need extra help or need to reassess a concept can see their subject teacher during this time. Students can also use this time to complete homework.

In E&S on Wednesdays and Thursdays, students get to choose and Extension activity, this is the “E” part of E&S. Students attended an assembly on Wednesday to learn about the choices they have during this time. During Thursday E&S time, students filled out their preference form for these extension activities. If a child was absent or has changed their mind, they can fill the form out again – the form was emailed to students. Students will get their Extension Activity assignment on or before Wednesday morning. Students will get an email from the teacher and this information will also appear on the KISMET site as a class. As I mentioned during the assembly, we will do our best to assign students to one of their top three choices. The fall choices run from 15 September until winter break.

Fall Extension Choices: (The descriptions have been sent to students; parents are encouraged to ask their child.)

11yo Students: Digital Music and Keyboarding, Makerspace Exploration, Digital Illustration, Science Experiments, Book Club, Writer’s Retreat, Getting ready for Math Counts, Yoga.

12yo Students: Digital Music and Keyboarding, Makerspace Exploration, Challenge 24, Handicrafts, Chess Strategy, Cooking 101: basic skills (has 250 UAH fee), Calligraphy.

13yo Students: Digital Music and Keyboarding, Digital Illustration, Literary Almanac “Libellus”, Virtual Reality – Build your own world, Bridge Building Challenge, Engineering the Ultimate Rollercoaster, Futsol (indoor soccer).

Note: The Winter Extention choices have not yet been determined.

MAP Testing is coming soon! MAP testing will start May 20 in the Middle School (the elementary starts earlier). There will be more information in the next Kozak Korner issue. During the week of May 13, students will get help during their Technology class to get their devices ready.

Looking forward to a wonderful week!

Mrs. Carla Grossman

Email for attendance and general questions:

Email for counselor, Ms. Zoromski:

Email for Director of Instruction:

LOE Korner

LOE Safety netting

Our Language Other than English groups have been completed. Almost 500 students are learning second or/and third language. 

For those who have questions, need to finish work or just want to have some extra, we've organized LOE Safety Netting. It will be available during Kozak 30 (HS : 11.21-11.51 and MS: 11.54-12.24). You can choose the teacher.  This starts next week!

Sports and Activities


Elementary Activities are off to a great start - fun stuff for the students to try! 

Kozak Nation (MS and Secondary)

First week of after school sports and activities - the Kozak world is feeling pretty amazing.  We have more than 100 students participating every day after school! 

Learning Stories


9CB Salad

What do you do when your garden grows tomatoes, peppers, and basil?

You make salad!


The students in Mr. Poole’s Physics class scaled and designed placards illustrating the size and location of each planet in our solar system. The distance from the Sun to Jupiter was scaled to 100 meters, and the placards placed along the 100-meter run.

Leo said, "Out of all class projects I've participated in over my four years in this school, this one was probably the most unique. It was certainly a pleasure to create for almost every reason, but it also makes me happy that our work is seen by the entire school. It is not without flaws, but I hope that our project remains on the walls of KIS for a while. Lastly, I want to thank Mr. Poole and my two colleagues, Andrii and Anton, for making this possible."

The links on each placard are ready for upload of future student-from-any-age investigations and presentations!

Challenging Physics Observations and Questions: 

The scale reduced the minor planets to a smaller diameter than the laser cutter could laze. So, only an arrow indicates the location of the minor planets!

If mass attracts mass and I am standing next to my friend, why does the force of gravity between us seem weak, yet between these planets and the sun, a very large distance, the force seems strong?

The planets seem to be further and further away. Is there a pattern for the distance from the Sun? Is it the same pattern in other star systems?


World Geography students are becoming human Global Positioning Systems as they quickly race each other to find coordinates on wall maps and atlases, getting familiar with each other and the planet. After discussing the Five Themes of Geography in depth, we had some fun creating mental maps to help us quickly identify what part of the world to search for our absolute locations. In class, the coordinates 52.5° N, 13.4° E flashes across the screen, students quickly think of the North-Eastern Hemisphere, using their mental maps, pause…think again… 13°E, that’s not far from the Prime Meridian – it must be in Europe! Pages of atlases flip in furry as students rush to find Europe. Fingers align along the meridians and at last, latitude and longitude converge on Berlin. Students quickly race to write down the city on their white-board to take pride in becoming their best human GPS. Students are now searching the globe for perfect examples of iconic landforms. With the excitement and enthusiasm, I’ve seen in the classroom in just two weeks, I am expecting a fantastic year as we explore the world together. – Mr. Mims, Secondary, World Geography

Real Talk With Ms. Helen

KIS Podcast

Episode 4: Ms.Helen

KIS YouTube Channel News

Check out KIS Official Youtube Channel and enjoy some new videos posted!

School Announcements

September Coffee Chats

First page of the PDF file: CoffeeTalkflyer_1

Community English

ENGLISH classes are offered to Beginning, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced learners.

Due to KIS Covid protocols, the groups meet in Zoom.

The classes are planned to be running once a week. If interested, please email 

Community Announcements

Girl Scouts of America!

Kitten is looking for a home ;-)

Dear KIS Community,

Three weeks ago somebody dropped this lovely kitten at our garden. She is one year old and according to the veterinary check-up, she is a healthy and very friendly cat, who needs a new home, as unfortunately our landlord does not allow pets in the house.

If you would like to adopt her and enjoy her pleasant company, please call me at: +380-50-380-82-45 (Barbara Ziolkowska).

Dear KIS Community,

We're planning on adding a section for Classifieds: 

- Recruitment (nannies, drivers, housekeepers, tutors, instructors)

- Property

- Community announcements

If you would like your announcement to be added to that section, please email: