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Kozak Korner #05. September 15th, 2023

| Director's Message

Dear Kozak Community,  

Students, teachers and families all seem to be settling into productive and healthy routines. We appreciate how smooth drop off and pick up is and I personally enjoy seeing so many parents at these times.  It is wonderful to see our students enjoying the campus and their friends and peers. Our classrooms continue to focus on building a supportive and vibrant community.  

I am looking forward to the Welcome Back Picnic which the Parent Support Group has organized for September 23rd. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring our community together and welcome our families back to school, especially those who have joined in the last few weeks. 

MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Testing will begin on September 25th for students ages 6-Secondary II.

➡️ See the testing schedule here

This assessment allows us to gauge where students need more help and provides specific target areas for teaching. 

I hope to see many of you at the Preschool/Elementary Coffee Chat on Thursday, September 21st at 3 PM in the cafeteria. 

Rachel Geary 

| Notifications

Rainy Days

On days when it is raining, elementary students will wait in the lobby (they need to be supervised by parents or bus-monitors until 8:15) 

Permission to Leave Campus

Parents!  If you have not done so already, please make sure that if you allow your Middle School/Secondary student to leave campus, that you have given permission to do so.  The permission form has moved to Moodle.  If you already submitted this, you do not need to do this again.  Please see the instructions here

Drinking Water at KIS

Bring your water bottle! KIS has water dispensers which:

  • Allow access to clean water.
  • Have effective filtering: Regular testing guarantees that the water is free from contaminants and safe for consumption (see the Water Quality Check Certificate through the link:
  • Prevent the spread of germs through contactless access
  • Reduce waste #planetnotplastic
  • Promote an environmentally friendly mindset!

Key Dates


  • 21 September - Coffee Chat for PreK & Elementary parents 
  • 23 September - Welcome Back PTO picnic
  • 25 September - MAP testing window opens
  • 28 September - Coffee Chat for MS & Secondary parents


  • 07 October - Photo Walk
  • 11 October - MAP testing window closes
  • 12 October - Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • 13 October - No school

School Calendar 2023-24

Event Calendar

| PTO Spotlight


Welcome the Board Members

What is KIS Moms & Dads? 

KIS Moms & Dads is a private group on Facebook for KIS parents and the PTO. It is a great way to find out what's going on with the PTO.  To join please complete the membership questions. 



KIS Welcome Back Picnic! 

Join us on September 23rd, from 12:00-16:00 on the KIS Campus for food and fun! 

Food - this is a "potluck" picnic, so each family is responsible for bringing their favorite foods and drinks to share.  

Please sign-up here 🔗 for more than one slot so we can make sure there is a variety of food.  

Fun Activities - from a bouncy castle and kite-making to use of sports equipment and face-painting there will be something for children of all ages (and adults) to enjoy! 

Shopping - browse the PTO shop and guest vendors selling a variety of different items. Watch our Facebook group KIS Moms & Dads this coming week to learn more about what will be available. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on September 23rd!


How to join PTO? 

It's simple - just send an email at or talk to one of the PTO members at the PTO store.

| Message from the PreK Coordinator


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We want to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all children who visit our playground. Your cooperation is essential in achieving this goal. Please take a moment to review these playground rules: 

  • Supervision is Key: Always supervise your child while they are on theM playground. Keep a watchful eye to ensure their safety and help prevent accidents. 
  • No Unattended Play: Do not leave your child unattended on the playground. Your presence helps ensure their well-being and promotes responsible play. 
  • Keep the Playground Clean: Dispose of all garbage in the provided bins. Leaving trash on the playground not only creates an unsightly environment but can also pose safety hazards. 
  • Respect the Sandboxes: Sandboxes are for play, but please do not allow children to remove sand from them. Sand is an important part of the play area, and its removal can lead to uneven surfaces and safety concerns. 
  • Be Mindful of Others: Encourage your child to share and take turns. Teach them to respect the space and play equipment and to be considerate of other children using the playground. 
  • No Rough Play: Discourage rough play, pushing, or shoving. Promote positive interactions and conflict resolution skills. 
  • Report Damage or Hazards: If you notice any damaged equipment or safety hazards, please report them to the Reception promptly. 

By following these playground rules, you contribute to a safe and enjoyable play environment for all children. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to the well-being of our young community members. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Nataliya Yegorova

| CAS Book Review

| Week Highlights


| Meet Your School Counselor

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chelsey Zoromski and I am your school counselor this year.  I am available to meet with students, staff, and parents about any social emotional topics or university questions that may come up this year.  I am currently living in Moldova but am available to meet with you on Teams on Thursdays and Fridays.   

In order to schedule a meeting with me, please click here click here. This link will show you the time I am available and automatically adapt to your time zone.  It will also send you all the information for the Teams meeting.  You may contact me any time at:  

Please watch this short video to learn how to book appointments with me.

Chelsey Zoromski
School Counselor
Kyiv, Chisinau, Munster, and Montenegro
Click here to schedule an appointment with me

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| Extra Services


| Announcements


Please follow the links below to access the Classifieds: 

If you have an announcement that you would like us to publish, please reach out to .