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Kozak Korner #09. October 12th, 2023

| Director's Message

Dear Families, I hope that you have had meaningful and productive conversations with teachers today. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with teachers and administration whenever you have concerns or questions about your child’s school experience. Our campus is open to our families, and you are very welcome.

While the focus of Parent Teacher Conference is often on academic concerns, at KIS we encourage our community to give equal consideration to our Success Orientations:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility
  • Concern for Others
  • Kindness and Politeness
  • Independent Endeavor
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Group Interaction

Adhering to these values is essential to our school experience and to creating a caring, dynamic school community. We celebrate students' success in these areas by awarding Es for Exemplary behavior in each area. (and Ns to indicate Not There Yet). If your child is recognized for their exemplary behavior in the success orientations, you will see this on their status report, and they will come home with a certificate of recognition.

We hope that you have a restful and joyful Fall Break and look forward to seeing you again on October 23rd.


Best regards,
Rachel Geary

| Notice:


Save the Date on November 3rd!  Fall Festival - an Evening of Fun!  

The program is planned from 4:00 PM to 7:oo PM. 

4:00 - 5:00 pm:  Halloween themed cartoons and shows and snacks for sale* 

  • Auditorium: Ages 9-13
  • Multipurpose room: Ages 5-8  

*Food must be ordered in advance from KFN  

5:15-6:15 pm: Activities in the gym 

6:15 –6:30 pm: Prizes from PTO 

6:30-7:00 pm: Trunk or Treat 

Families, we are looking for parents who are willing to help with "Trunk of Treat" - you will decorate your car and we will provide the candy.  Here are some examples!  

Sound like fun?  Volunteer by signing up HERE

Key Dates

October - November:

  • 13 October - No school
  • 16-20 October - Fall break
  • 28 October - Garage Sale
  • 30 October - 3 November - Spirit Week
  • 03 November- Fall Festival
  • 23-24 November Professional Development - No school for students

School Calendar 2023-24

Event Calendar

| PTO Spotlight


Fall Community Garage Sale!

🗓️ Date: 28 October 2023
⏰ Time: 10:00-13:00
🚘 Place: KIS Parking Lot 

Use this opportunity to clean out your playroom, garages and more.  Sell used toys, games, books, household goods, etc.  Have your own table or go in together with friends. Great opportunity for children to earn money for things they no longer play with.

Don't have anything to sell? Stop by and browse what's available.  You never know what treasures will be offered!

Here's how to register as a seller:

1. Choose from the following options:

  • Table under tent - 300 UAH
  • Place with nothing  - 100 UAH

PTO will donate 100% of the registration fees to charity.

2. Send your reservation request to

3. Pay your fee to the PTO Банка (🔗LINK and card number: 5375 4112 0466 5090) and receive your reservation confirmation!

Reservation fees are non-refundable!

KIS Community members have exclusive access to tables until October 12th. After that, we will open this up to members of other private school and international communities in Kyiv.

Help us spread the word!  We want to encourage people outside of the KIS Community to participate in this event.  Tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues!

Parent-Teacher Organization

What is KIS Moms & Dads? 

KIS Moms & Dads is a private group on Facebook for KIS parents and the PTO. It is a great way to find out what's going on with the PTO.  To join please complete the membership questions. 


How to join PTO? 

It's simple - just send an email at or talk to one of the PTO members at the PTO store.

| CAS Book Review

| CAS Book Club


| Week Highlights

LOE German


Learning a foreign language is a big adventure! One exciting way to embark on this journey is by using music videos. These audio-visual masterpieces offer a unique fusion of auditory and visual learning, making the language 

Continue reading about LOE German


After creating 3-D names our 13y.o. class has worked very hard on exploring Op Art! In inspiration of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely's paintings students are creating their own amazing optical illusions

Continue reading about ART CLASS

| Meet Your School Counselor

Hello Students and Families,

I had such a great visit to Kyiv.  It felt great to be back on campus and see lots of familiar faces but also meet our new students.  Although I am heading back to Moldova, you are always welcome to email be any time or schedule an online meeting.  You can schedule the meeting by clicking here.  I am planning to make at least one more visit to Kyiv before the end of the school year and cannot wait to see all of you again.  Until then, please reach out if you need anything and Слава Украине!

You may contact me any time at:  

Please watch this short video to learn how to book appointments with me.

Chelsey Zoromski
School Counselor
Kyiv, Chisinau, Munster, and Montenegro
Click here to schedule an appointment with me

| Integrated Technology Platforms


| Extra Services


| Announcements


This activity will start after Fall break. Join us for these amazing sessions and calm your mind and body. 

Please follow the links below to access the Classifieds: 

If you have an announcement that you would like us to publish, please reach out to .