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Kozak Korner #11. October 29, 2021




Director's Message

Important School Campus Closure Notice

Dear KIS Families, 

Today, the school sent out a notice concerning the city’s decision to move into the Red Zone and to close ALL schools, regardless of whether the school has met the vaccination obligation. As such, we must also follow the requirements of the city. To be clear, KIS was provided with no other option. 

As a result of this decision, on Monday, November 1st, Kyiv International School will be taking the following actions: 

  • 2-YEAR-OLD through 5-YEAR-OLD - ON CAMPUS
    These restrictions still permit us to have 2-year-old through 5-year-old classes on campus.
    All other classes from 6YO  and up through Secondary are being asked to move to online learning. Teachers and students will make any necessary preparations today for this time. 

We do not know, at this time, how long we will be online, but will be prepared to return to campus as soon as we are able.  

Online Schedules and Plan 
Since not all students have had experience with online learning yet this year, there may be some who are trying to navigate a new system and schedule. Please look for messaging and guidance from each division, as each division has slightly different schedules.  

School Office 
Our school office team, including, the Business, Admissions, and Divisional offices will continue to operate as normally as possible. 

Transportation Services
We will take a look at our bus routes this weekend and inform anyone taking school transportation if there are any changes to pick-up times, but plan to operate our buses as normal.    

Lunch Services
KFN will continue to provide lunch services for those who are on campus. They will make adjustments for those who have paid for school lunch and are not on campus.  

We hope that you understand that this is not the decision we were hoping for or wanted. We had hoped to have students on campus and have been working hard to do so. We appreciate all of your support.   



Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Upcoming Events

30 October - Pumpkin Virtual Cross Country Race

2 November - SL Cross Country Race - Cancelled

3 November - MS Football Tournament - Cancelled

5 November - HS Football Tournament - Cancelled

19-20 November -  CEESA Speech and Debate - TBD

25-26 November -  Professional Development Days - No School

Covid-19 Updates

  • Up to 90 % of staff are vaccinated.
  • Following new vaccination guidelines from Ministry of Health for schools.
  • Placing CO2 monitors in all classrooms as spaces.
  • Vendors that come to school campus, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use.
  • Several confirmed Covid-19 cases at KIS this week.
  • Starting Monday, November 1st, 6 y.o. - Sec IV classes  are moving to online

PTO Korner


PTO Board wants to Thank all parents and teachers who chose to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon in a good company and environment and enjoy some mulled wine and snacks. It was such a pleasure to see them face-to-face, talk to each other and socialize! Thank you.

special "THANK YOU” - to all sponsors who contributed to this event! Everything was amazing and perfect!


Vladimir&Oksana - Good Wine

Diana Pustinska

Deol Partners - Ruslan Oleksenko

Mr. Gregory Gurtovoy

Alona Koreniuk

Also, let’s not forget to Thank the school administration who supported and allowed us to organize the event. Thank you!

Last, but not least, we thank Cafeteria for all the work done in order to have such a perfect “mulled wine”!

Let’s hope for other events where the kids can be part of them, too! 



PTO Board

Parent Korner

Divisional Korner

Sports and Activities 

Kozak Nation (Middle School and Secondary)

Cancelled Events:

Nov 2:  Cross Country Race 

Nov 3:  MS Football Tournament 

Nov 5:  HS Football Tournament


We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Fall Season.  

Our fall season sports and activities (football, cross country, badminton, cheer, cross-fit, chess, MS robotics) will end next week. 

The Winter Season will start on November 22nd.   Sign-ups for winter will be open from November 1st to 15th.  Secondary cross-fit, cheer and chess will be available again next season.  

HS Speech and Debate will continue until the tournament on November 19th + 20th.

MS Band will continue until December, as they plan to play holiday music in the lobby, leading up to the winter break.  


Middle School Sports on Tuesday/Thursday

  • Basketball 
  • Swimming 
  • Table Tennis

Middle School Activities on Monday/Wednesday

  • Speech and Debate
  • Math Counts

Secondary Sports

  • Cheer Club (Monday)
  • Basketball/Swimming (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Cross Fit (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Table Tennis (Tuesday OR Thursday)

Secondary Activities:

  • Chess Club (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • Math Counts (Thursday)
  • Knowledge Bowl (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • Drama  (Tuesday/Thursday)

Learning Stories & Highlights


School Days in Preschool

Classes with homeroom teachers, specials, crafts, recess and more.

P.S. Children grow so fast. We know! That's why we've decided to post more photos of our preschool group. Enjoy!





Mathematics in 9CB

Teacher: Cynthia Bateman

In mathematics 9B is engaged in learning multiplication. We have worked with multiplying one digit by 2, moving up to one digit by 4 digits. We have tried many different strategies; expanded form, partial products, traditional algorithm, and area model. Students have their favorite way of finding the product. We are now ready to move on to multiplying 2 digit by 2 and 3 digit numbers. Multiplication is so much fun!!! 


Vocabulary Study in 8-9 IE Literacy Class 

Teacher: Alla Syutkina 

Vocabulary development is a crucial factor in academic progress. For English Language Learners it is especially important, because word knowledge is the key to success in any content area.  

The students practice new words every day in IE class. They are engaged in a whole-group, small-group and independent activities that include Vocabulary Board Games, Word Colors, Word Illustrations, and Vocabulary Journals. Activities incorporate art, movement, singing, or technology.   

The students explore the new words through context clues in literature and use references to find word meanings. They are introduced to synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and compound words. They also learn about parts of speech like nouns, verbs, or adjectives. 

 The students are exposed to morphology or the word parts and practice the meanings of prefixes and suffixes.  

Learning new words is an ongoing process in English language acquisition that continues from unit to unit. 

Middle School

The Amazing Camel

Teacher: Lee Feekins 

As the 13 year old class move through their Cultural Studies classes they begin to examine how the world is connected and how trade plays a significant role in that connection. During our African unit we see how this amazing animal was able to cross the Sahara, allowing trade between Northern and Sub Saharan Africa. Gold went in one direction and salt in the other.

Thanks to the Maker Space and Mr Rech, the students were able to make their own camel train representing this momentous moment in our shared history. Lots of fun was had by all and the students were rightly proud of their finished product.





Secondary Art

Teacher: Shanna Griffus 

During the last unit Art 1 and Art 2 secondary art students have been focused on sharpening their seeing skills through observational drawings. They will be finished this week. 

In Art 2 class students thought a lot about composing a strong reference photo that showcased reflection or transparency of objects and showed strong highlights. The strong highlights were important for drawing this still life of objects on black paper. When using black paper artists have to think the opposite which is difficult, but makes for a satisfying outcome. 

 Art 1 students chose between a collection of 6 related objects, or showing the process of a food being eaten through 6 reference photos. They went through a process of practicing contour line drawings and watercolor techniques before executing their work. The repetition through drawing gave them lots of practice for the remainder of the school year and what's yet to come in art class. 



IB Biology-Year 2- Internal Assessments 

Teacher: Dr. Sunitha 

During the second year of the IB Biology class, students are tasked with the research, design, performance and write up their own investigation. This project is known as internal assessment (IA). Students spend 10 hours doing this investigation which will provide 20% of the overall assessment for the IB biology score. 

There is a large variety and range of possible investigations; each student must complete an investigation that is unique and adequately different from those of other students in the course. They can choose from Traditional hands-on experimental work, Database investigations, and Computer simulations. The IA project is broken into discrete "chunks" so that students are not overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project and so that there is ample time for asking questions, getting feedback and completing the experiments. Our IB Biology year 2s(seniors) are done with their important experimental work and ready to do the data analysis and final writeup. 

What's Cooking with KFN!



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