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Kozak Korner #15. November 18, 2022

Director's Message

Dear KIS Community, 

I hope you were able to enjoy some hot chocolate yesterday or today. KIS has a long tradition of having hot chocolate when the first snow falls each school year. I saw several pictures of students and teachers enjoying a cup.

We are planning for our staff Professional Development days this next week, I would like to reminder everyone that we will not have school on Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th . 

The 2023 - 2024 School Calendar (NEXT SCHOOL YEAR)
We are already looking to the next school year. As we release the calendar each year, it is important for everyone to know what the school takes into consideration. Below is a brief explanation of what goes into making the school calendar as we plan 180 days of school.  These dates will be added to our school’s calendar and uploaded to the website.

First day of School – August 25th, 2023 
Normally, the first day of school is on a Thursday, but since the 24th will be Independence Day, our first day of school will be Friday. 

Fall Break - October 16th to 20th, 2023
Fall Break is planned to coincide with “Defender’s Day”, October 14th, which is a statutory holiday. 

Winter Break - December 18th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024
This has always been a 3-week holiday that extends to cover Orthodox Christmas on January 7th

February Break - February 26th to March 1st, 2024
This matches most other schools within the CEESA organization.  

International Women’s Day – March 8th, 2024

May Break - April 29th to May 3rd, 2024
This is connected to Easter break and Labor Day

Victory Day – May 9th, 2024

Last Day of School – June 19, 2024

Please view the calendar to mark the dates for Parent-Teacher Conferences. 




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Key Dates

19 November (Saturday) - KIS Bowling gathering

24 - 26 November - Professional Development Days - No School for Students 

School Calendar 2023 - 24

First page of the PDF file: KISCalendar2023-24


Would You Like To Join PTO?

Feel the call and would like to join our PTO team? Reach out to or

If you are a new parent at KIS, feel free to join KIS Moms & Dads group on Facebook to stay connected.  



 DI's Message

Dear Elementary and Middle School Families,  

This past week brought us daily challenges with connectivity, especially for our Ukrainian based families.  Despite the hardships, our students remain determined to find ways to attend classes!  There are times, however, when circumstances make attendance nearly impossible – in those times, please help your child take a breath and know that it will be okay. 

What to do? 
Although each class has slight variations, here is our common plan for when students get disconnected due to internet or electricity shortages: 

When they are able, students should connect back to class. 

If the internet is too slow to connect to Zoom/TEAMS meetings, students can sometimes still access SeeSaw and/or TEAMs chat to communicate with their teacher. 

If there is no Internet service/no power:   

  • Some classwork might still be available from the browser depending on what loaded before the internet went out. 

  • It may be possible to complete offline work. 
  • If no other options are available, students are encouraged to read or work on their Passion Project. 

In all cases, the teachers help students fill in any learning gaps of the day once they return to class. 

As a reminder, if your family is planning on changing locations (short or long term), it is important to create a dedicated learning area for your child.  Also, please communicate with your child’s teacher about any changes.  Our counselor, Chelsey Zoromski, is also available to any of your students who may need extra support or someone to talk to.  Students and parents can contact her by emailing: or asking any teacher to help set up an appointment.  

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Wishing you a warm, peaceful weekend, 

Mrs. Carla Grossman



Carla Grossman
Director of Instruction

School Day Schedule


 DI's Message

What’s Going on in Secondary?


Modified Block
This week we started with our modified Block Schedule. It’s a big change, but we hope this will allow students to have a weekend with no homework and have a chance to do varied, in-depth projects in the classroom. We will be soliciting feedback from students before the Winter Holidays.

Professional Development
Thursday and Friday there will not be any classes for students. Teachers will be attending Professional Development. I would encourage students to use this time to get caught up on any missing work. After this mini break, there are 3 weeks until Winter Holidays. I strongly advocate for NO HOMEWORK during the vacation, so if students are caught up, they should be able to truly relax and not think about school during those three weeks.

Getting Involved
If students have ideas for clubs, projects, activities or initiatives, I encourage them to reach out to me for structure and support. Currently NHS (National Honor Society) and StuCo (Student Government) are working on community building projects and other initiatives. We would love to see more student-driven clubs and activities on campus!




Rachel Geary
Director of Instruction


School Day Schedule

Tasty Tuesdays

The Time for Talk is OVER!

BRING IT ON Brownies!


  • ½ cup butter (115 grams)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder

Mark the date - November 22nd and join in Zoom:

Topic: Tasty Tuesdays
Time: 4:00 pm (Kyiv)

Join Zoom Meeting - LINK
Meeting ID: 881 5107 4619
Passcode: Cooking


The Introductory and Intermediate/Advanced groups continue their work. If you want to join them, contact the teacher or go directly to Zoom meeting:

Introductory (
Mondays, 1.10 - 1.50 pm,
Wednesdays, 4.00 - 4.45 pm,
Zoom ID: 949-036-4810, pw: Ukrainian.

Intermediate/Advanced (
Tuesdays, Period 6: 2.00 - 2.40 pm,
Zoom ID: 465-022-0813, pw: Ukrainian.

Speaking Clubs
In the past, we had different clubs (Spanish, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian). We would like to restore this tradition, to meet once a month or less often, for particular dates, to participate in funny activities, games, discussions in the target language.

If you are interested, please, let me know ( We could start in December. Everything depends on you. Have a nice weekend!




Sergey Berezhny
LOE Coordinator


Success Orientations

Dear KIS Parents and Students,

Our October/November SO topic was Concerns for Others. During these last five weeks, students from 5 to 11 years old in their SO classes learned, discussed and demonstrated tolerance for those of other nationalities, races, religions, cultures, ages, and mental and physical abilities by having friendly associations with those different from themselves and joining in group activities with those different from themselves. Learning through selected activities students displayed concern for others by avoiding actions or words which hurt another person, helping others to be successful in their schoolwork, activities, and play and displaying unselfish behavior.

The biggest part of our SO Sessions was dedicated to understanding what Empathy means. Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place. Essentially, it is putting yourself in someone else's position and feeling what they are feeling. Empathy helps us connect with others, but the quality of your response depends upon your ability to care about others as well. When we feel emotions with others, accurately identify those emotions, regulate them in yourself, and understand the perspective of others – our sensitive concern will help us engage with them in a way that displays our care and compassion.

If you wish to discuss this topic with your child or learn more about Empathy and Concerns of Others, please check these videos:

Photography Independent Study

As we say: "Art is too important not to share", 
Our Photography Independent Study students are sharing!

CAS Book Review


The novel, written by the Dominican American author Elizabeth Acevedo, follows the story of Emoni Santiago, a 17-year old Afro-Puerto Rican girl from Philadelphia who lives with her grandmother, Gloria or how she is called in the book - Buela, and her two-year old daughter, Emma. The story is narrated by the main character, as she pursues her passion and dream of becoming a chef while juggling school, work, parental responsibilities, and other obligations. Furthermore, the book is divided into three sections, with the culinary titles reflecting Emoni’s emotional state and current situation.

With the Fire on High is a book that conveys a strong message of hope. The author does not tell only of Emoni’s good moments, but also makes sure to describe the struggles and sacrifices the heroine faces as she works towards her goals. Although the character has faced pain and hardships, she is defined by her resilience and perseverance. The narrating voice quickly hooks the reader, making them interested in Emoni’s life while also smoothly carrying them through the story. The book is a great and non-judgemental depiction of teen pregnancy and women’s struggles. The main character feels human and relatable, with many being able to see themselves in her story even if her situation is very different from the reader’s. Food mixed with fiction, I would say that this is a captivating read.

Trigger Warnings: colorism, sexual content, alcohol consumption, dubious consent

10/10 - Liza K. 


Read a good book on the topic of issues of global assistance or  global significance? Please share your review with us! How to do it? It's very simple, just use this FORM

PTO Fall Fest Contest Post Factum

Dear Kozaks,

Once again, congratulations to the contest winners! All of the winners had been contacted by the PTO representative and already received their award. Thank you for participation! 

If you still haven't visited the online gallery, use this LINK and enjoy! 


  This Is Us: Educator Profile

Maria Bizhyk
Titles: Ukrainian Teacher

Why am I teaching: When I was in middle and high school, I used to help my younger brother with his homework. Also, I could help my classmates with English (and liked it :) ). It was my mother who noticed that I managed to explain things the way people could understand, and we thought that I could become a teacher. When studying at university I started teaching and, surprisingly, enjoyed it a lot! I realized I wanted to share my knowledge with other people, cooperate with them and learn from them!

Favourite Quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Favourite thing about KIS: COMMUNITY

First Snow & Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate on The First Day of Snow

There is a great tradition at KIS - to serve hot chocolate to all students and staff on the first day of snow. Despite the fact that this year Kozak community is spread around the world, the tradition of having hot chocolate on the first day of snow remains alive! 

Would you like a recipe?

Click to Read about First Snow & Hot Chocolate
Music Classes
Music Classes in Elementary

Teacher: Svitlana Ionova

This year Elementary students have different types of music lessons. In addition to their regular music lessons, 5 through 9 year olds also have Moving to Music lessons rotation. Students move along with the beats, play on their body percussions (clapping, stomping, snapping, tapping, patting etc.) or sing along with their favorite songs. 

Click to Read about Music Classes
"Exploring The Impact of Spanish Colonization in the Americas"
Exploring The Impact of Spanish Colonization in the Americas

Teacher: Daniel Burke

Last month, the 13-year-old Cultural Studies class had a debate on the impact of the Spanish Conquistadors in the Americas. The class analyzed the positive and negative impact on the Aztec and Inca civilizations, the legacy of Spanish colonization, and how people of present-day Mexico, and Peru feel about this event. The discussion and student point of views on this was extremely insightful and interesting.

Click to Read about "Exploring The Impact of Spanish Colonization in the Americas"
Secondary Plank Challenge
Secondary Plank Challenge

Secondary P.E Department 

Last week the KIS P.E dept organized a Secondary “Plank Challenge”. The following students participated in this competition (Kristian, Mykyta, Fedote, Nadine, Abai, David, Marcel, Yehor, and Liza). Congratulations to the Winners:  

1st Place- David K (10 min 10 sec) 

2nd Place- Yehor K (7 min 05 sec) 

3rd Place-Nadine W (3 min 38 sec) 

Click to Read about Secondary Plank Challenge


Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we have Classifieds section on the Connect Page of the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23