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Kozak Korner #19. January 14, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS Community, 

Welcome back! It was very nice to have a longer break throughout the holidays, but it feels great to have students back and be in school. We hope that everyone had a good winter break and was able to enjoy time with friends and family. It always takes a few days to get everyone back into the swing of things and wake up early in the morning again.  

It Gets Cold Out There
The weather has been pretty cold this week, so just a reminder to send students with warm clothes and layers. If the temperature drops towards -20 degrees Celsius, we make some shifts in our time outdoors. We want our students to be outside as much as we can, but understand there are some limitations.  

KIS Administration Announcement - New Secondary Director of Instruction
We are happy to announce that Rachel Geary will be the new Secondary Director of Instruction. We are excited to have her shift in this administrative role and look forward to the positive continued leadership she will bring to our secondary program. Ms. Geary has been at KIS for many years, but if you are new to KIS, there is a brief message from her below.  

Updated COVID-19 protocols 
Please pay close attention to the COVID-19 guidelines. We post these each week and make sure to communicate directly with those who have COVID or are first-level contacts. There have been several cases during the winter break and we have had a few cases this week. We report all our COVID-related statistics in our “COVID Updates” section of the website.  

Again, we are happy to be back and are looking forward to a new year. I sincerely hope that 2022 will be a wonderful year for all of us! 




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Upcoming Events

17 January - MAP Testing Begins

18 January - Elementary Activities Term 2 Start

18 January - MS Basketball games 4-6 PM - livestream 

19 January HS Basketball games 4-6 PM - livestream

25 January - MS Basketball games 4-6 PM - livestream

26 January - HS Basketball games 4-6:30 PM - livestream

28 January - Parent-Teacher Conferences - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS


Covid-19 Updates

  • 100% of staff are vaccinated.
  • Following new vaccination guidelines from Ministry of Health for schools.
  • Placing CO2 monitors in all classrooms as spaces.
  • Most of the vendors that come to the school campus are vaccinated; the ones who are not, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Students and Staff take rapid antigen test before competitions with other schools. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use. 
  • 23 confirmed Covid-19 cases at KIS identified in Winter Break Covid screening (testing to return) and 2 staff cases that impacted the class closure this week.


Ms. Rachel Geary - Secondary Director of Instruction starting August 2022


" My name is Rachel Geary and I have worked for QSI for 17 years in a wide variety of positions. In my last ten years at Kyiv International School I have been the Resource Coordinator, IB Coordinator and also head of the Student Life department, serving as the Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator.  My experience with QSI include AP Coordinator, SAT Coordinator, MAP Coordinator and IE Coordinator.  My teaching background is in literature and writing and I have taught IB and AP classes.  

"I am very excited for my new role as the Secondary Director of Instruction at Kyiv International School.  I am looking forward to working with our amazing secondary students and their families and supporting a strong, committed academic community and an active and vibrant student life."


 Parent Korner

 Divisional Korner

Elementary Activities

Learning Stories & Highlights

Preschool and Kindergarten

Magic and Winter Fairy Tale for Preschoolers

Teacher: Katya Zakharova

The atmosphere of magic and fairy tale, the anticipation of the holiday - it's all about winter! Our preschool winter concerts have brought this atmosphere of wonder to the dance hall and to the stage. Despite the fact that the performances were held in December I would like to express my gratitude to our Little Stars again and again for their efforts, skills and phenomenal artistry.

Each concert is preceded by preparatory work. Each performance begins with a story about what to dance and sing, what emotions to convey to the viewer.

The teacher's task is to reveal the creative potential of each little-student, to develop teamwork skills, a sense of composition, spatial thinking. Children are extremely sensitive to musical rhythm and respond to it with joy.

The artistic taste of children is formed in the process of working on the movements to the music, the joy and pleasure of the movements increase.

What each child gets throughout preparation and performance:

- development of musical and dance memory, the ability to perceive music (feel its mood and character), understand its content;

- development of dexterity, accuracy and coordination of movements, flexibility and plasticity;

- development of endurance, strength, perseverance, the ability to navigate in space;

- mastering the skills of a culture of behavior and communication, understanding one's place in a performance, developing self-confidence and self-expression.

Immeasurable amount of joy and excitement does every performance bring to a little child and his family! Beautiful music, culture of movements and the atmosphere of the concert - this is what brings us closer and gives the magic of enchantment to what is happening on the stage!


Value of Reading

Teacher: Sarah Lopert

Reading is good for you because it improves your focus, memory, empathy, and communication skills. It can reduce stress, improve your mental health, and help you live longer. Reading also allows you to learn new things to help you succeed which is why it is such a focus for homework in school. When someone says I hate reading, I think they just haven’t found their gateway book. 8SL is doing a tower of books challenge to not only get kids excited about reading, but expanding our genres. For this challenge students are given a list of books they must read from each category to finish their tower of 20 books. Often times students will ask if they can read beyond the list to create a tower that reaches to the ceiling, “Who am I to say no to reading more?” Let’s see if we can beat the record of 50 books in a month.

Middle School

The Story of You (Life Maps)

Teacher: Gregory Davis

If you were to write the story of your life, what would be the most important events you’d include? What would be the most interesting or endearing or whacky parts that would make the ‘Story of You’ be unique? Maybe a meal in a restaurant when you met a famous movie star, or the time you saw Barcelona play Madrid at the El Classico?! Typically, people focus on the major firsts: birthdays, words, bike rides, friends. Some people focus on the bests: vacations, sporting events, meals, or whatever it may be. So, in conjunction with the Narratives that 12yo Lit is writing, we’ve constructed the rising action and main points story of our lives and drawn our Life Maps for all to see. Our 12yo protagonists here have some good stories to tell, yet we’ve still got a ways to go till their climax and resolution is made clear. Attached here are some of the visual Life Maps. We’d love to see if you made your own....

Our 12yo protagonists here some good stories to tell so far, yet we’ve still got a ways to go till our stories see their climax and resolution. Attached are some of the visual Life Maps.

Middle School

On Monday, January 10th, Middle School students who earned "Exemplary" on at least one Success Orientation for the second quintile received certificates.

Read more about our Success Orientations here: Success Orientations - Kyiv International School (


Media I Students Produce & Promote an eSports Tournament

Teacher: Bob Hume

For the past several years, the Media I class has been an academic laboratory that allows KIS Secondary students to explore the tools, techniques and territory of modern digital communication.

This year’s small but ambitious group (Sec IV Emmett Gehrenback. and Sec III Sasha Shepelev), have used that opportunity to craft an exciting and potentially game-changing project, a two-week long MS / Secondary Mario Kart Tournament. Conducted in parallel to the group’s existing work on the weekly Fun Fact Friday contest, producing the tournament has been a long, protracted and in-depth process.

First and foremost, the challenge of running any event during the seemingly endless pandemic required careful thought and attention. Selecting students to compete in the tournament required process that was easily available and fair, but also allowed the field to be narrowed. And finally, the technical challenge of live-streaming the games with commentary pushed the team’s technical know-how to another level. (At one point, they considered using OBS to stream to Twitch, but, in the end, it made better sense to fall back on their old standby: Switcher Studio routed to the KIS Official YouTube channel.)

Adding to the hype around the event, a Student Innovation Grant provided by the KIS Advisory Board gave the student organizers seed money to purchase a very cool set of prizes, including Mario Kart merch from Hot Wheels and Lego, and a Nintendo Switch Lite platform.

KIS Media I teacher Mr. Hume interviewed Emmett and Sasha near the end of the preproduction phase, as they prepped the competition space and readied some important information for sharing to the school community. 

Competition starts on Monday, Jan 17, and will continue through three rounds until the top four racers are decided on Monday, Jan 31.

All matches will stream live to the KIS Official YouTube Channel. Click to view the schedule. 



Real Talk With AJ

KIS Podcast Episode 18: AJ
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What's Cooking with KFN!

Menu for the Week: January 17th - 21st

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All matches will stream live to the KIS Official YouTube Channel

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