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Kozak Korner #19. December 16, 2022

Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

We sincerely hope that everyone is safe during this holiday season wherever you might be or go. I want to express my gratitude to our entire KIS community for making the first part of our school year a success. It takes a good community of students, teachers, and parents to do what we do.

A special thank you to our PTO team who have been finding ways and opportunities for our community to be together and share the emotional warmth that comes from these events.

On behalf of our KIS team, I want to wish you all a wonderful winter break and happy holidays!

I hope that 2023 brings peace to Ukraine and the opportunity to be together once again.





Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Key Dates

16 December -  Yearbook portraits deadline - check the instructions

17 December - 8 January - Winter Break

9 January - Term 2 begins

27 January - Parent - Teacher Conferences

Second Term Fees

Since we will be starting the second term online, the KIS Business office will be sending out invoices with the reflected online fees. 

Please contact with any questions. 

School Calendar 2023 - 24

First page of the PDF file: KISCalendar2023-24


Would You Like To Join PTO?

Feel the call and would like to join our PTO team? Reach out to or

If you are a new parent at KIS, feel free to join KIS Moms & Dads group on Facebook to stay connected.  



 DI's Message

Dear Elementary and Middle School Families,  

At last, our well-deserved break is here! 

Status Report and Narrative Report: Parents and middle school students can check student grades anytime through this portal: KISMET: Dashboard, The second Status Report and the Narrative report for Quintile 2 will be posted there also. More detailed instructions for accessing grades and reports can be found in every newsletter under the Moodle section. 

Mark your calendars: 
First day of school after the break is Monday, January 9th  

Conferences Friday, January 27th Parents will receive an email with appointment details at least a week in advance. Students are expected to attend the conferences, too!  Look for more information after the break. 

Happy Holidays!  

Wishing you peace, warm houses, good food and time with loved ones.  
I look forward to seeing you in 2023! 

Warm regards,

Mrs. Carla Grossman



Carla Grossman
Director of Instruction

School Day Schedule

 Passion Project Showcase

Kira - Roller-Skating Princess
Kira-Roller-Skating Princess

Kira started roller skating in September and wanted to roller-skate with her elder sister on her level by the end of her Passion Project!
Kira worked hard to improve her stopping techniques. Kira recorded her weekly progress then we watched them together and compared them with video tutorials, saw weaker moments, and tried to improve or just borrowed something from them for the future.

Status of Project: Complete
Mentor: Ms. Tetiana Zlydar

  • 5 & 6 YO Projects
Anton - Drawing Dinosaurs
Anton - Drawing Dinosaurs

Anton likes dinosaurs! He works very hard to improve his drawing skills from online tutorials and videos to expand his knowledge of his favorite creatures. Anton would like to make a book of dinosaurs and share it with classmates.

Status of Project: In Progress
Mentor: Mrs. Sasha 

  • 7 & 8 YO Projects
Sabrina - Website
Sabrina - Website 

My passion is scuba diving so for the project I created a website. I learned a lot of information about coding and especially fish! Now I have many sea creatures on my website to check out. There is information about scuba diving, fish, and me! Go and take a deep look at now!

Status of Project: Done, and will be continued to be updated
Mentor: Olga Shliakhovska


  • 9 & 10 YO Projects
Emma - Skateboarding
Emma - Skateboarding

Emma finds skating amazing and unbelievable because it is not common in Kyiv, at least not with girls. She feels relaxed, happy and cool! Emma also enjoys the freedom when she steps on her skateboard.

Becoming a pro seems to be a dream to Emma, but she is doing a great job, making an effort, spending time to make this dream become a reality.

Emma will continue practicing at performing and learning new tricks and create her own video channel to share with students.

Status of Project: In Progress
Mentor: Ms. Anastasiia

  • 11 YO Projects
Yelyzaveta - Portraits Drawing
Yelyzaveta - Portraits Drawing

My passion is drawing portraits because that's something that I want to get better at. I use different techniques for each of my drawings and different materials such as digital programs, sketches, paint and markers.

Status of Project: Done
Mentor: Ms. Nataliya Rudenko

  • 12 & 13 YO Projects


 DI's Message

What’s Going on in Secondary

Enjoy a restful and safe winter break. For those in Ukraine, we continue to hold you in our hearts and minds, and hope, always, for peace. We loved seeing you on this last morning at school!

Students, please walk away from your computer, your work, your textbooks and take time to enjoy family and friends.

See you January 9th!




Rachel Geary
Director of Instruction


School Day Schedule

Parent - Teacher Conferences

January 27th -  Save the Date

Student Teacher Conferences

After the break, you will receive information about a new format we are working on for these mid-year conferences. Parents will still have an opportunity to meet with teachers, but we plan to use this conference day to help students advocate for their own learning in guided conversations with their teachers.


No matter where you go, or what you do, it is important to do your best to rest, relax, and disconnect during the winter break.  It’s so important, it should be put on the top of your winter break priority list.  If you make good use of your break time, you will be more productive upon your return because relaxing and disconnecting can help you think more clearly, cleverly, and quickly.  

Here is a winter break checklist to help you more easily transition to "relax mode." 

1) Disconnect from Technology – Return to an analogue lifestyle by reading a book or magazine and looking for technology-free entertainment alternatives.   Put your phone away or have your family participate in tech free time.

2) Treat yourself -  Whether it’s baking your favorite holiday dish, doing some self-care, or having an extra cup of hot cocoa, celebrate the winter break by treating yourself.

3) Get some sleep – Go to bed earlier and don't set any alarms. Sometimes during breaks our sleep schedule can get disrupted so do your best to keep it the same while working in some naps if needed.

4) Do things you enjoy – Take advantage of your chance to unwind and do whatever you fancy.  Even if you can't travel, pick up your hobbies again or take the chance to learn something new. 

5) Make time for family and friends – Making time for loved ones is essential for disconnecting during winter break. Organize activities together and enjoy each other’s company.  If you're staying put, plan a game or movie night and invite some friends.  Or set up a video call and celebrate the winter break if you can’t all get together.

6) Get back to your normal routine before the first day of school – This will ease the stress of transitioning back to the school routine.

What if you have late work to complete during break?

Finish any pending work –Do not spend all of winter break working.  Instead, set goals, set aside time to work, and be sure to take breaks.  Try to get caught up on missing assignments at the beginning of the winter break so you can relax more completely when it is finished.


Click to download this article in pdf


Success Orientations

Dear KIS Parents and Students,

Our last SO topic before the Winter Break was Kindness and Politeness.

December is the perfect time to pause and think what we mean when we talk about kindness. This small, simple word that we all know and use without thinking, carries such a weight of meaning. And yet, how often do we really stop to consider what we are really talking about when we use it? What is it? Who does it apply to? How do we know when we, or someone else, has been ‘kind’?

Oxford Dictionary of English defines kindness as ‘the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate’.

Why is kindness important? When we practice kindness either to other people or towards ourselves we can experience positive changes through lowering stress levels and improving our mood. Being kind helps boost the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety. The great thing is that it isn’t difficult to be kind. As the Dalai Lama said, ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’.

How do we show kindness to others? Showing kindness to others does not have to mean doing something big or life changing. Often it’s the smallest acts of kindness that can have the most impact. A moment of support in a time of need, a quiet word of encouragement, a helping hand to carry a heavy load, or just a smile that says ‘I see you’ can make a world of difference. Being kind means offering kindness without conditions or expectation of reward. The real reward for a kindness is in the inner positivity, rather than any external reward or recognition.

During these last five weeks, students from 5 to 11 years old in their SO classes discussed and learned how to be kind to others and to yourself. Students demonstrated it by displaying acts of kindness (sympathy, encouragement, helpfulness, patience, etc.) toward others, particularly fellow students, giving time and resources to help another in need.

December is a perfect time to show our kindness to others. There are many charities, funds and organizations which need your help to make Christmas sweeter, warmer and happier for many people. Your kindness can make someone a little bit happier.

These videos are about magic of Kindness.

Dance For Kindness 2022

CAS Book Review

The Legend of King Arthur is embedded in modern fantasy, with countless movie adaptations and books that try to take the well-known story and give it a new spin. Legendborn can be considered one of the most imaginative retellings of the Arthurian legend. In this modern setting, the author, Tracy Deonn, manages to bring forth the essence of the legend while also expanding on it, bringing it into the 21st century. Deonn breathes new life into the trope with consideration for the myth, while also examining some brutal truths about society and weaving the myth into history and generally telling a great Young Adult fantasy story.

There is a lot to mention about Legendborn; there’s a fascinating magic system, there is a secret society with its own mythos and social structure, there’s a mystery at the heart of this book that drives Bree’s motivation and her character arc. Each of these elements were expertly woven together, with twists and turns that were shocking but didn’t feel out of place.

Underneath the magic and demons and the mystery, this is the story of Bree, a girl who has had her life ripped apart by the death of her mother. It’s about coming to terms with such loss and trying to move on.

Trigger Warnings: alcohol consumption, racism, violence, trauma, mentions of sexual violence

CAS Book Club

Read a good book on the topic of issues of global assistance or  global significance? Please share your review with us! How to do it? It's very simple, just use this FORM

PTO/ STU Co Winter Contest


  This Is Us: Educator Profile

Zhanna Sotnyk
Titles: Teacher Assistant

Why am I teaching: My love for the children and education as a process led me to perusing teaching degree. Its very inspiring for me to see students grow academically and personally.

Favourite Quote: "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." —Sydney J. Harris

Favourite thing about KIS: I like being a part of a highly professional, enthusiastic, and supportive team.

Is There a Secret Component To a Successful Class?
“How Does It Feel To Be In Charge Of a Class?”

Teacher: Nataliya Kuzovleva

These would’ve been some of the major questions the 13-year-old students asked themselves last week were they teacher students. Anna, Artem, Kate, and Maria did act like teachers in training in their Literacy class, and Mr. Feekins, Mrs. Kardash, and Ms. Kuzovleva acted like their students.  Anna, Artem, Kate, and Maria did act like teachers in training in their Literacy class, and Mr. Feekins, Mrs. Kardash, and Ms. Kuzovleva acted like their students.

Click to Read about Is There a Secret Component To a Successful Class?
High School Math Department
High School Math Department

Teacher: Dr. Maxim Filatov

Class: Advanced Math I
Advanced Math I classes began to study the introduction to higher-level Mathematics. Students are learning about the properties of rational functions and rational equations. Students are enjoying the usage of new online graphing tools which allow them to model different multistep word problems and real-life situations.

Click to Read about High School Math Department


Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we have Classifieds section on the Connect Page of the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23