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Kozak Korner #20. January 13, 2023

Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

I hope that you have all had a peaceful and calm winter break. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2023 brings peace and good health to everyone in our community and to the land a people of Ukraine!

We are looking forward to a new year and some of the changes that may come with our hopeful planning.

Taking Steps Towards Having Students On Campus
As we have mentioned in previous communications, we are looking at a three-phase approach to opening our campus back up and having students and teachers back at school. We understand that the situation continues to be fluid and potentially unpredictable.

We are currently setting up classrooms and preparing the areas of the school that would be used. Below is a reminder of the three different phases for reopening the campus and a survey for interested families to complete.

Phase I - Community Events
PTO has already hosted a winter potluck and is planning a Movie Night on January 22nd.

Phase II - Community Center - February 6-17th 
We are now collecting information from parents to see who would be interested in coming to campus for learning and community. Much of what we organize and do will depend on those who decide to attend. We know this may start small and begin to grow but would like to begin taking these first steps.

Please complete the FOLLOWING FORM, if you are interested in having your child(ren) attend school on campus during phase II.

Phase III - Traditional School
We don't know exactly when we would shift back to this completely and will likely maintain a Community Center system for as long as this makes sense and works for the school.

We want to collect this information and make more specific preparations by Friday, January 20th. We understand that not everyone has the same comfort level, so we will do everything we can to make these transitions as smooth as possible.




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School

Key Dates

27 January - Parent - Teacher Conferences - No School for Students

20 - 24 February - February Break

School Calendar 2023 - 24

First page of the PDF file: KISCalendar2023-24


Would You Like To Join PTO?

Feel the call and would like to join our PTO team? Reach out to or

If you are a new parent at KIS, feel free to join KIS Moms & Dads group on Facebook to stay connected.  



 DI's Message

Dear Elementary and Middle School Families,

Happy New Year! I hope the break brought you and your family opportunities to enjoy time with loved ones. Students and teachers have spent the last week settling back into routines and diving into their next units of study.

January Conferences: Students and parents will attend conferences on Friday, January 27th. There will be no classes that day. Parents will get an email from the office with conference details at the end of next week. The style and goals of this conference may be a bit different to the conferences you have attended in the past. Each conference will have two distinct parts to the conversation:

Part 1: Narrative Report Discussion. Parents, please read your child’s narrative report carefully and bring any questions or concerns for discussion to the conference. Your child’s core subject age-level teaching team will be present at the conference. If you have a question for a different teacher (like a specials class, for instance), please email the office and we will organize for that teacher to also attend as well. You can find your child’s narrative report and their grades on the KISMET: Dashboard - if you have any trouble access the reports, please email

Part 2: Student Feedback. During the next two weeks we will be helping students formulate feedback to present to their teachers during the conference. Students will be asked to think critically about which parts of their learning experience are working well for them as well as make suggestions about what could be made better. Teaching children how to advocate for themselves in a positive way is a lifelong skill this format helps them develop. We honor each student’s voice by providing this platform for their needs and ideas to be heard.

I am looking forward to the process of helping students formulate feedback as well as hearing what they have to say during the conferences. As always, feel free to write with questions or concerns:

Elementary Office:
Middle School Office:

Warm regards,

Mrs. Carla Grossman



Carla Grossman
Director of Instruction

School Day Schedule

 Passion Project Showcase

Neta's - Craft and Fun
Neta - Craft and Fun

Neta likes crafts, especially she enjoys making different animals using construction paper or pipe cleaners. Some crafts come easy but some ones take a bit longer time to put the shapes and glue them together.
Neta wants to create a collection of her Crafts and share them with her classmates.

Status of Project: In Progress
Mentor: Ms. Nina 

  • 5 & 6 YO Projects
Deleena - Drawing Animals and Dinosaurs
Deleena - Drawing Animals and Dinosaurs 

Deleena enjoys drawing. She has been watching online videos and tutorials to improve her skills. She makes her own search as well. Deleena wants to be a good artist and share her drawing book with classmates.

Status of Project: In Progress
Mentor: Mrs. Myronova

  • 7 & 8 YO Projects
Illia - All About Airplanes
Illia - All About Airplanes

Illia discovered his passion for airplanes while flying his remote-controlled drone. In addition to this, Illia is fascinated by travels and love being inside airplanes. He wanted to upgrade his pilot’s skills, so Illia experienced flying with a flight simulator where he gets to sit in a replica cockpit, experiences real-life flight noises, and practicing first take-off and landing.

Status of Project: Done
Mentor: Ms. Anastasiia

  • 9 & 10 YO Projects
Stefan - Drawing Cats
Stefan - Drawing Cats

Stefan loves cats and decided to try an absolutely new for him activity – drawing cats. At first, Stefan was focusing more on drawing a cat's head, now he is working on the cat's body. The final picture is not displayed yet.

Status of Project: In Progress
Mentor: Ms. Ksenia

  • 11 YO Projects
Katherina - Chess
Katherina - Chess

This was a project based on passion and intelligence. Creation and learning were the main points for Katy. Designing the chess board was the first step, but actually making it was quite a challenge. Using Adobe Illustrator for laser cutter and painting the wood were little tricks Katy was trying to for this board. Making the chess pieces and challenging Mr. Lee for the game are the final steps for this project.

Status of Project: Done
Mentor: Ms. Helen 

  • 12 & 13 YO Projects


 DI's Message

What’s going on in Secondary?

Yawning and Yearning

Monday Morning Mindset, slowly waking up to the reality that vacation was over, students and teachers made acrostic poems to reflect the collective winter break experience. Lots of positive emotions and experiences over the vacation – yearning came up several times and some sleepy yawns about the week ahead. This poem reflects the general sentiment found in all five poems:

As we get back into the routine, we are hopeful that students will quickly readjust to our schedule and their classes and get the new term off to a great start.

Morning Mindset

Over the next four weeks Ms. Rech and I will be meeting with students about their graduations tracking sheets, transcripts and their path to graduation. This week Secondary IV students reviewed these documents and confirmed that they are on track to graduate in June! If students did not come to these meetings, parents have received an email. If you are concerned about your child’s graduation status, please contact the secondary office!

Student Feedback Conferences – January 27th

We will be using our Parent Teacher Conference Day on January 27th in order to facilitate student feedback. During Morning Mindset, the week of January 23rd, students will work with a mentor from our staff to brainstorm and identify the things that they like and find beneficial in the instructional style of each of their teachers as well as the things that they like less and do not find as helpful. With the assistance of their mentor, they will use this brainstorming to formulate meaningful feedback for their teachers. On the day of conferences, they will meet in small groups with their teachers to talk about their feedback and advocate for their own learning style. Providing meaningful feedback and advocating for their own education is an important skill and we are excited to facilitate this at KIS. Parents will have an opportunity to arrange appointments with teachers that afternoon, if they have something that needs attention.




Rachel Geary
Director of Instruction


School Day Schedule


KIS Winter Contest

Thank you all who submitted work for the Winter Contest! The winners will be announced in the following issue of the newsletter!
Good luck!

CAS Book Club

Read a good book on the topic of issues of global assistance or  global significance? Please share your review with us! How to do it? It's very simple, just use this FORM


  This Is Us: Educator Profile

John Semeniuk
Titles: Secondary History Teacher

Why am I teaching: I always wanted to help people and have a skill I could take anywhere in the world. Gruesome injuries making me squeamish meant that being a doctor was out of the question, so I chose the next best thing!

Favourite Quote: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden

Favourite thing about KIS: The fact that the KIS community is truly one big family.

Storytelling in Elementary
"Those who tell stories rule the world." - Plato

Teacher: Sarah Lopert

Storytelling is the best way to capture people’s attention, bake information into their memories, and forge close, personal bonds; humanity has always inherently known that people crave and seek out great stories almost as much as food and water. This year KIS created a story chain to bring hope and connection. The story starts with the five years’ and moves through to high school with classes adding a few sentences to create our final story titled Leleka’s Journey.

Click to Read about Storytelling in Elementary
Mrs. Hinsvark – Secondary Science
Secondary Science

Teacher: Sheri Hinsvark

We hope that all students had a wonderful winter break and are now feeling refreshed and ready to start 2023 with renewed energy.

Secondary II students will be continuing their study of the processes involved in the cell cycle. This is an important topic that will help them understand the basics of biology and the role of cells in the body. They will be learning about the stages of the cell cycle and the role of DNA in the process.

Click to Read about Mrs. Hinsvark – Secondary Science
Celebrating Christmas Twice
Celebrating Christmas The Second Time

Teacher: Vita Slobodeniuk

Ukraine is a diverse country with many unique and interesting traditions. Especially when we talk about the winter holidays. In Ukraine, we celebrate Christmas twice, the first in December and the second the night from January 6th to January 7th, according to the Julian calendar. This weekend it will be the Old New Year.

Click to Read about Celebrating Christmas Twice
Exploration of Mediums and Movements
IB Art student Liza K's Exploration of Mediums and Movements

Teacher: Leanne Hume

Given a non-negotiable subject (a fish) and four randomly selected Art Movements.

Fauvism, Surrealism, Expressionism and Art Noveau. IB Art student Liza K spent her winter break exploring four different mediums (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour and Pastel) and movements in a very hands-on manner.

Please enjoy her incredible outcomes

Click to Read about Exploration of Mediums and Movements


Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we have Classifieds section on the Connect Page of the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23