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Kozak Korner #07. September 24, 2021




Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

This weather sure has been cold and gloomy, but as I type this, the sun seems to be peaking out just a little bit. We are hoping for some warmer and nicer weather moving forward, as the fall is always a nice time of the year to be outside. Being pushed inside now is just way too early.

This past week, we replaced one of our older playgrounds. We hope that it will be ready for students to use on Monday, as they are eagerly waiting to play.

We ask that families do not stay around after school to play on the playgrounds, but pick up their children and go home. Security will be going around the campus at 4:00 to clear any needed areas.

We are looking forward to welcoming several parents to the school this next week for a community coffee chat. We will be sending out more information early next week.



Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School



Upcoming Events

27 & 28 September - Individual Portraits 

28 & 29 September - On Campus Coffee Chats with PTO and Admin 

4-5 October - Book Fair Fest

5 October  - Emerson College Virtual Visit @ 11:30

6 October - UPenn Visit

11 - 15 October - Fall Break

19 October  - University of British Columbia (UBC) Virtual Visit @ 11:00

21 October - University of Calgary Virtual Visit @ 17:00

22 October - QSI Virtual University Fair (All Day Event)

Covid-19 Updates

  • Now up to 90 % of staff are vaccinated.
  • Vendors that come to school campus, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use.
  • No new confirmed Covid-19 cases at KIS this week!
  • Ukraine is in yellow zone. 

Divisional News / Middle School

Dear Middle School Community,

It was another busy week in middle school!

MAP Testing – We completed the first round of MAP testing this week. Next week, Tuesday through Friday, will be make-up testing during E&S class time. Students who need to complete a test will be emailed information about how this will work. Reports will be made available to parents only after all testing is completed.

Website Resources – The school website has many resources for parents and students. Here are a few that you may find especially useful:

Questions about the Curriculum?


Scroll down the middle school page and look for these booklets:


Questions about what is happening in class this week?

To the right of the booklets, check out the Shared Planners:


Curious about the grading system and Mastery Learning?

 Find Mastery Learning Booklet 

What are Success Orientations?


Upcoming Week - On Monday during homeroom, teachers and students will discuss Academic Integrity. Using a common document to center conversations, students and teachers will define academic integrity, discuss how to maintain academic integrity and answer questions regarding consequences of academic dishonesty.

Last, don’t forget – Monday, September 27th is picture day – high school photography students will be taking student and teacher photos for the yearbook!


Looking forward to a great week,

Mrs. Carla Grossman

Middle School Director of Instruction

Divisional News / School Wide

Travel restrictions got you down? Tour the world through books in the KIS Reading Challenge 2021.

The goal for this global reading challenge is simple. By June 3, read a book by an author from each of the 16 major regions. The author can be writing from that country or writing about their own cultural heritage from the region. Roam where you want, and hear voices and stories from the places you “visit.” Students of all ages are welcome, as well as KIS teachers, administrators, and parents.

Everyone is going to feel differently about what are the most important, or most interesting, books to read. And that’s okay! All genres, and all types of stories, are waiting for you on this globe-trotting journey, hopefully leading to some fun discoveries!

The KIS library is ready to help students find titles. Pay attention to our newsletters, where our teachers will post their recommendations, and please, share your reading suggestions there as well, indicating for what age level you think the title is appropriate. Teachers will incorporate world books into their curriculum, where appropriate, and we hope parents will encourage their children to participate in the challenge.

The school will recognize everyone who participates in this challenge, whether they read 1 book, 4, 8, 12, or all 16! To help us track our community’s progress, complete this form as you travel around the globe through books.

First page of the PDF file: Reading_Challenge_A3_Poster_PDF_Link

LOE Korner

Language Clubs

German, Spanish and Ukrainian groups met this week. Now, we are inviting you to:

French Club (Room 1301): MS - 28 Sept., HS - 30 Sept. 

Russian Club (Room 1304): HS - 28 Sept., MS - 30 Sept..

They are organized during Kozak 30. HS starts at 11.21 and MS - at 11.54.

If you missed the first session, it's not a problem: in October there will be another one. Be tuned!


LOE Safety netting

At Kozak 30  (HS : 11.21-11.51 and MS: 11.54-12.24) you can get extra help for LOE classes.

This is our schedule:

Sports and Activities

Kozak Nation (Middle School and Secondary)

Kozaks Cross Country running strong!

Thursday, October 7th - KSSL Cross Country Race Holosivskii Park  (Leave school 1:15 PM, back at 5:15).

Elementary Activities

Dear Elementary Parents,

We're looking at the possibility of bringing back our Saturday Activities for the elementary groups. Please, fill in the form and let us know what activities you are interested in, so we could provide the best for you. 


Learning Stories


Let's play music!

Our precious 5 year olds are trying new instruments. 




Swimming Fun!!

Swimming class is a place for students to learn new swimming skills, they’re overcoming challenges and learning to grow and improve. Throughout swimming lessons, kids will develop a routine of safety and swimming fun that reinforces what they’ve already learned and sets them up for continued confidence in the water. First-time students will learn how to get comfortable in the water before moving on to back floats, rollovers, submersions, and more.

In KIS swimming pool we do take all the precautions to make lessons safe for our students.

Each class is split into two groups. Each group has not more than 8 students and they have swimming lesson every other week. The learning process has been more efficient in smaller groups, which allow for more students to be in the pool at one time.

Look for emails from your homeroom teachers about who will swim when. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Middle School

"In Class Topography Assignment"

Mr. Burke's 12-year-old Cultural Studies class has been engaged in Unit 1 which is Ancient China. The class is developing their map making skills and have been creating present day maps of China. The maps will include major cities, bodies of water, mountains, deserts, and nations that boarder China. They also had to explain the significance of China's natural barriers. In addition, the class had an in-depth discussion on "How geography affects and impacts the lives of people."



Middle School

In Mrs. Mallory's Literacy class, students are writing their first narrative essay of the year. They received their writing prompts in a fun and new way last week, when they each had an opportunity to step into a 3D forest using virtual reality headsets. Now students are busy writing and revising their story drafts.  The final products are sure to be descriptive and exciting!


The past few weeks, IB students have been very busy in their Language and Literature class. The Year 1 IB students have been examining Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's renowned TED Talk and essay, "We Should All Be Feminists." They have created mind maps outlining her problems with how gender is socially constructed in society and analyzed her essay from multiple perspectives. In the activity pictured, students were analyzing Adichie's essay from the perspectives of people of different religious affiliations, genders, and geographical locations. This week, they taught each other one of Beyonce's songs focusing on how meaning is constructed in both the lyrics and music videos and how the song relates to Adichie's essay. Finally, they practiced crafting a global issue based on the requirements for the IB Individual Oral. It's been very fast paced, and I'm getting tired just writing about all this, so I can only imagine how tired the students are when they come home!  


Dr. Sunitha, Secondary Biology

IB Biology syllabus has a wide range of topics and each topic is dealt with in significant depth to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The topics covered include areas such as cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution and human physiology. Together these helps build a solid foundation in biological knowledge. IB Biologists investigate the living world at all levels using many different approaches and techniques. 

Our Year 1 students understood the basics of scientific method to work on “cell surface area and volume ratio”. This was directly and indirectly connected with what materials went into and out of the body cell. This investigation took the little scientists on a journey to understand the inner content of cells. ORGANELLE SPEED DATING, a fun, creative and informative classroom activity, helped students’ think like an organelle and explain its importance and what happens if it is defective or missing.


What's Cooking with KFN!

Dear KIS Community,

This past week there was a coffee chat with KFN Cafeteria. Thank you to those parents who were able to join the meeting and give some feedback.

We discussed 5 main points:

  1. Cost
  2. Variety of Options
  3. Portion Sizes
  4. Eco-Friendly Approach
  5. Transparent Communication

Monday, October 4th, KFN will be shifting to buffet style service that uses trays and cutlery. This will help address the concerns for cost, variety, portions sizes, and eco-friendly concerns. For students who have signed up for the lunch program, they will be able to come and get second helpings.

We will also be adding a weekly section to the newsletter that focuses on communicating lunch related items, services, themes, and activities.



Real Talk With Zach

KIS Podcast Episode 6: Zach Montoya

KIS YouTube Channel News

Check out KIS Official Youtube Channel and enjoy some new videos posted!

School Announcements

Individual Portraits

Smile and SAY "KOZAKS!!!"

Photo Days for the 2021-2022 school year are almost here!

Individual Portraits will be taken on Monday September 27th and Tuesday September 28th, with retakes due to illness or absence on Friday October 01st.

These photos are for ALL staff (teachers, maintenance, office admin, drivers...Kozaks one and All)  and ALL students (Kozaks of ALL ages) and will be taken by our amazing Photography I + II Students.

Please find the schedule here


First page of the PDF file: Donationposter
First page of the PDF file: CoffeeTalkflyer
Dear KIS Community,
We've added section for Classifieds to the Connect page on our website: 
- Recruitment (nannies, drivers, housekeepers, tutors, instructors)
- Property
- Community announcements
If you would like your announcement to be added to that section, please email: