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Kozak Korner #08. October 01, 2021




Director's Message

Dear KIS Community,

This Sunday is Teacher's Day in Ukraine. We are lucky to have so many amazing teachers at KIS who dedicate so much time and effort to students learning, activities, and life. Good teachers make so much more of a difference than the classroom, building, curriculum, or books, and their influence can stay with us throughout our entire life. So, Happy Teacher's Day to our wonderful teachers!

One of the highlights of this week was having parents together for our first on-campus coffee chat in a long time. Thank you to everyone who attended and was able to share some time together to discuss different school-related topics. We are hoping to do more of this throughout the year.

One takeaway from these meetings was how much is going on around the school and the huge amount of information that needs to be shared out with the community. We hope to do a much better job of sharing what is happening at KIS, how to access important information, and how to keep the community up-to-date. We will continue to refine and organize this information in a way that makes it easier for you to find and understand.

And, just like that, we are already in October!



Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Upcoming Events

4 October - Blue Shirt Day (Stop Bullying Campaign)

4 October -  KSSL HS Girls Soccer Game at KIS

4-5 October - Book Fair Fest

5 October  - Emerson College Virtual Visit @ 11:30

5 October - KSSL MS Boys Soccer Game at KIS

5 October - KSSL MS Girls Soccer Game at PSI

6 October - UPenn Visit

6 October - KSSL HS Boys Soccer Game at KIS

7 October - KSSL Cross Country

11 - 15 October - Fall Break

19 October  - University of British Columbia (UBC) Virtual Visit @ 11:00

21 October - University of Calgary Virtual Visit @ 17:00

22 October - QSI Virtual University Fair (All Day Event)

Covid-19 Updates

  • Now up to 90 % of staff are vaccinated.
  • Vendors that come to school campus, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use.
  • No new confirmed Covid-19 cases at KIS this week!
  • Kyiv is yellow. 

PTO Korner

Parent Korner

Divisional Korner

LOE Korner

Week of languages 

The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year on September 26 since 2001.

The slogan is "Talk to me!" The linguistic diversity is the key elements of the rich cultural heritage of the continent. 

The Council of Europe, supporting the plurilingualism, created the website, where you can find a lot of interesting facts, games, quizzes about and in 41 official European languages. 

Do you like palindromes, words and sentences that read the same backwards, for example:  Was it a cat I saw? They have been popular since ancient time.  

Do you know the longest word in your language?... Please, enjoy!

Next week, we will join this movement too. LOE department has a good tradition organizing the week of languages at the end of September or at the beginning of October. Every day we will do something special in our languages:

Monday - French, Tuesday - German, Wednesday - Russian, Thursday - Spanish and Friday - Ukrainian. 

Because of restrictions, there will be no guests, and we will not meet all together, only for some activities and virtually, on Zoom. However, it will be fun. 

"Поговори зі мною!" 
"Sprich mit mir!" 
"Поговори со мной!" 

Sports and Activities

Elementary Activities

Dear Elementary Parents,

We're looking at the possibility of bringing back our Saturday Activities for the elementary groups. Thank you all, who took a minute and participated in our quick questionary. We will keep the the form available for some period of time, so if you hadn't have a chance to submit your answer, feel free to let us know what activities you are interested in, so we could provide the best for you. 

You may want to know what the answers are like. Here's the chart: 

Kozak Nation (Middle School and Secondary)

The Kozak Nation is excited to be having football games and cross country races this October! 

While these events are closed to spectators, we are very happy that our Kozaks can have some competitions. 

Monday, October 4th - Secondary Girls v PSI 

Tuesday, October 5th - Middle School Boys v PSI

Tuesday, October 5th - Middle School Girls v PSI  

Wednesday, October 6th -Secondary Boys at KIS  

Thursday, October 7th KSSL Cross Country Race Holosivskii Park  (Leave school 1:15 PM, back at 5:15)  


Middle School Students:

From October 19th-November 5th Middle School students are welcome to the climbing wall in the gym after school on Tuesday and Friday to have some time on the climbing wall with a qualified climbing instructor. 

This offers a wonderful opportunity to learn a little about climbing for newbies and a chance to practice skills for students who have climbed before. 

Sign-up using your Parent Moodle Account.

Learning Stories & Insights


MAP Making

6SH class has been busy making maps! After listening to stories and sharing ideas, students have demonstrated great teamwork to create classroom maps. It is always enlightening to watch and listen to the students working together. They have also created a map of their heart showing things special to them. I am always amazed at their attention to details!

Middle School

What are the Success Orientations?

Earlier this year, homeroom classes discussed the types of behaviors that demonstrate “Success” in Independent Endeavor, Kindness/Politeness, Aesthetic Appreciation, Trustworthiness, Concern for Others, Responsibility, and Group Interaction.

Students brainstormed how they could exhibit each Success Orientation in various settings (Classroom, Hallway, Bus, Cafeteria) and created posters. The following posters are from the 13-year-old hallway.

Like last year, students in the middle school will receive information about how to nominate a peer for an “E” in one of the Success Orientations. An “E” stands for Exemplary and is given to students who are a role model to their peers for that SO.

Middle School

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read.


Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. Typically held during the last week of September, it highlights the value of free and open access to information. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community — librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types — in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.

By focusing on efforts across the country to remove or restrict access to books, Banned Books Week draws national attention to the harms of censorship. The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) compiles lists of challenged books as reported in the media and submitted by librarians and teachers across the country. 

Look for ALA’s Top Challenged Books of 2021 list in April 2022!


Individual Portraits Week 

This week 30 photography students shot over 20,000 portrait photos of KIS students and staff.

Capturing the many incredible people that make up our Kozak Nation was a both a challenge and a pleasure.

The photography students will now choose, edit, label, and upload these portraits so that the yearbook team can use them to create a truly student initiated and driven creative product.

This valuable real world "project based" learning would be impossible if it were not for the support and flexibility of KIS admin, teachers, amazing support staff and most of all our flexible students. 

By tackling this behemoth task photography students are not only learning the technical requirements needed to get great portrait photos consistently they are also learning, workflow, problem solving and collaboration. Impressive!

Photos will be uploaded to each individual student profile on Moodle in the new year. 

They will be available for high resolution download for free!

Thank you, Photography Students, for your truly excellent effort and consistently awesome attitudes!

Thank you, Kozak Nation, for sharing your smiles!



Real Talk With Doreen Wade

KIS Podcast Episode 7: Doreen Wade

KIS YouTube Channel News

Check out KIS Official Youtube Channel and enjoy some new videos posted!

School Announcements

Dear Parents and students,

We here at Dinternal Education have some great news for you – our yearly autumn Book Fair is coming soon and we prepared lots and lots of new books for you!

Please be sure that we here at Dinternal respect all safety precautions. This would of course involve all Dinternal staff observing social distancing rules and utilizing the appropriate safety practices (e.g. the use of hand sanitizer and PPE). In addition to this, in order to add a further assurance of safety, our staff would provide the results of a recent Covid test before entering the premises.

With these precautions in place, we are confident that we can deliver an enjoyable and safe event for all participants, providing a range of the latest titles and bestsellers from the UK for children, teenagers and adults.