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Kozak Korner #02. August 20, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS Families, 

Only 6 more days until school begins! I know some of you are very eager for your children to come back to school. We are looking forward to having them back at KIS. A reminder that ALL students will be back on campus each day! Please review the campus policies and procedures.

Today, we had all of our teaching staff back from the summer break and have begun to put everything in place. We also welcomed many new families for some individual tours of the campus this past week.

We are having a virtual open house on Wednesday, August 25th, at 2:00 for parents and students to meet their teachers.

See you next week!!! 


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Open house flyer

First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Open_House

Parent Teacher Organization

Pre & Elementary School

Preschool and Elementary-Welcome to the 21-22 School Year!

Watch us GROW and THRIVE!

Let’s get excited…Another school year is HERE!!! I am so happy to welcome our Preschool and Elementary Kozaks back for the 2021-22 school year! It is going to be an amazing year! As we start a new school year, we will still be working though many changes and challenges related to Covid. That being said, we are stronger together and we will continue our work to make this an amazing school year for all our youngest Kozaks!

We plan to be on campus for the 2021-22 school year and will limit our online learning to Ukrainian lockdowns or full class Covid Case closures. We will continue to be social distancing our elementary students and wearing masks to protect our students and teachers. Our Preschool Pod will continue to thrive and grow! This is only possible with diligence by you our KIS community!

So…what does this all mean to you as a student or parent?

Format information:

Preschool students (2-4 yo): Parents of 2-4 year olds will be allowed to park and walk their child to the door of the preschool. You will receive a parking sticker- please see the map in the Kozak Korner to show you where your special parking is provided. You will need to return to your car immediately and leave campus. Please note: You will not be allowed past the drop off door- so have all student supplies and bedding ready to pass to the teacher or paraprofessional for your child. Your child will have a temperature check to be admitted to the Preschool Pod. All children should have mask on at this time and have spare masks with them. They will not be required to wear mask during outside activities or lunch. Teachers will wear mask at all times. Please note: There will be NO online option for Preschool unless we go to a schoolwide online program.

Elementary Students (5-10 yo): Elementary students will be in full class units this year. They will go to specials as a class, but LOE will continue to be online in their homeroom class. If we must go online, the teachers will send out the class schedule with all information through the Seesaw platform. Seesaw is the common platform the Preschool and Elementary divisions will use to contact parents, send class newsletters, post pictures, and student work. Please note the following:

  • Mask must be worn at all times...exceptions PE, swimming and lunch. Please send 10 disposable or 3 fabric mask with your child in a baggie (label with name) to be kept at their seat each Monday.
  • Children will need to come to school with a mask on.
  • Students will be provided with a container to keep supplies and books in for class.
  • Student will have cubbies and may keep only clothing…coats indoor/outdoor shoes…in the space.
  • The SeeSaw platform will be used for parent communication. Please download the SeeSaw family app to your phone. Teachers will provide more information on this wonderful resource during Zoom Open House.
  • We will be adding Kozak 45 activities back into the school day on Tuesday and Friday. Elementary will not have afterschool activities at this time.

Electronic devices: ALL 8-10 year old students will be asked to bring a laptop or tablet with headphones to school each day. Please send earphones/headphones with your child - please label the earphones/headphones. Your child will have LOE online in the classroom until we are able to safely split classes into LOE classes.

Virtual Open House - Wednesday, August 25th (2:00-2:30 session 1 and 2:30-3:00 session 2)

  • Teachers will send Zoom IDs to parents on Wednesday, August 25th, at Noon.
  • Teachers will provide a time that a welcome video will be shown with a “tour” of the rooms. The video will be shown 2 times during the 2-3 open house.

First Day- 8:10 (August 26): Let’s get this show on the road!!

  • Students will be dropped off at the front gate…they will go through the guard area for a temperature check and be released to the school.
  • For your younger child or a child that does not speak English, please give them a paper with their name, age, and teachers name on it to show the staff member- this will help us get everyone to where they need to be and help relieve student stress!
  • Students will go directly to their teacher who is waiting for them on the front lawn. If it rains this will be inside the lobby.
  • Parents will drive through the school driveway and out the back gate. PLEASE do not stop unless asked by a staff member!
  • Start the drop-off routine early in the car (kisses, goodbyes, supplies ready, coats on etc.), so that your child will be ready to get out of the car. There will be staff to help all (even the 5 yos) to get to the correct teacher! Be strong and positive-your child will look to you to make the experience the best it can be in this unfortunate time!!
  • Pickup will be in a designated spot. Your teacher will inform you of the spot! Please have Patience and Breathe…we are all working to keep students safe!
  • At home: Ask your child about the first day…What did they like the most…Make it very positive…We need your support in making the best experience it can be!

Textbooks and Cubbies:

  • Students will be assigned cubbies for coats and shoes. The teacher will go over the procedures for this in class.
  • Textbooks will be kept at school…any homework will be sent home with students or posted on SeeSaw.

School Supplies:

· Information about this will be sent by the age level teachers. Many supplies have been community based in the past…we will be addressing this and sending out more information. Student may have cute pencils and such, but nothing big and it must stay at school once it comes to school!

Next Steps: Role as a parent!

  • POSITIVE! We all know that this is not what we want the school year to look like…but everyone is working hard to make it the best it can be! KIS will do its part to help your child through this time and we need your support. We want to stay on site…so please do not send sick children to school, If you have a member of your family that is ill, please let us know and don’t send your child until you know they are not asymptomatic, be patient with teachers, staff and YEP…admin. It may be different, but that does not mean it has to be anything but wonderful! Your children will look to you to see what they should be doing and how they should feel…this is your time as parents to shine! Be supportive, let us hear what you think, but I will honestly say…being kind will go a long way! Suggestions are always welcome- feel free to send them.…

Watch us GROW and THRIVE!!

Cheri Carpenter

Middle School

Dear new and returning Middle School Families,

As you read this, teachers and staff are working hard to prepare a wonderful school year for your children. We are extremely excited that we will start the year with all students on campus every day. Yay! Please keep in mind that this means there will no longer be an “online only” option. All students and staff will continue to always wear a mask when inside to maintain a safe and healthy environment.


School starts at 8:10 and ends at 15:35. Middle School courses are a combination of 90-minute blocks and 45-minute periods. Students will be on a Monday-Friday schedule – this means that we will no longer use “Red” and “Black” days.

Starting on Wednesday 25th at noon, parents & students may log into the parent portal to view individual schedules (see the instructions below). If the schedule is not clear, do not worry – on the first day of school, middle school students will all report to the soccer field. Students will get a paper schedule and meet their first teacher of the day. During the day students will get help reading their schedule and finding classes along the way.

All students have one period for homeroom each Monday. In addition, two times a week students have support time and two times a week they have a choice of extension activities. On August 31st, students and parents will get more information about the choices available and instructions on how to sign up.

Kozak 30 is an outside break time after lunch. To start, similar to last year students will rotate through outside areas according to age group.

What to bring to school the first day, August 26:

  • This is a full day of school so students should bring a lunch if they do not have a meal plan with KFN. Similar to last year, KFN will use a payment card and sell items a-la-carte, during lunch and morning break.
  • Students are required to bring a fully charged laptop to school each day – as a back-up plan, they should have their charger on hand, too.
  • A refillable water bottle.
  • Extra face masks.
  • Students should bring basic supplies on their first two days of school: pencils, pens, and paper. On August 25th students and parents will receive details about any special tools or supplies needed starting Monday, August 30th. Examples of special tools: colored pencils, highlighters, glue, etc.

Virtual Open House, Wednesday 25th (2:00-3:00): Please join the Open House Zoom session that corresponds to your child’s age level. All groups will use the same Zoom meeting credentials.

11-year-old Classes:


Join Zoom Meeting: 
 Link to Zoom Session 

 Meeting ID: 913 2658 2716 

 Passcode: openhouse 


12-year-old Classes:

 13-year-old Classes:


Looking forward to a wonderful year,
The Middle School Administrative Team: 

Carla Grossman, Director of Instruction
Chelsey Zoromski, Counselor
Maria Sydorchuk, Office Assistant

To reach the middle school office (all three of us) you can use the KIS Middle School Office



Secondary School

Dear Secondary Parents and Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year! There will be many new faces in KIS secondary this year, both teachers and students, as we continue to grow our program. I expect our secondary school to be bustling with energy, as all students are permitted to attend classes together... on campus... in person... every day.

Our goal is to provide as many face-to-face learning opportunities as possible, so the online-only option that was available last school year will no longer be offered, at least not in the same fashion. Online-only students will have a significantly diminished experience with little, or no, synchronous interaction with the teacher or the on-site class. Of course, if required to lockdown, we have plans for continuing our studies temporarily online, but we hope that the number of vaccinated teachers and students will be sufficient to prevent campus closures.

We want to provide the best possible experience for students, balancing safety concerns and the desire to socialize and to learn. With this in mind, we will continue our mask-wearing and hand-washing routines, which proved to be quite effective in preventing the spread of the virus here on campus. Please, continue to monitor communication from the school for updates to our policies and protocols.

Student schedules will be shared electronically through Moodle on Wednesday, August 25, at 12:00 noon. Printed copies will be distributed on the first day of school the next day. In addition to receiving schedules, students will collect textbooks and learn important protocols and expectations for the year, so I hope to see all students at this important orientation day Thursday, August 26. There will be lunch service Thursday, and the KFN snack bar will be open.

Teachers will provide students with a list of supplies required for each subject. Because we focus on 21st century skills, it is expected that every student will have their own laptop to be used at school as well as adequate internet access at home.

Also worth noting is that the campus now has filtered water dispensers. Bottled water will no longer be available for sale. Students must bring their own water bottles from home.

I know that there can be many questions and anxieties at the start of anything new, especially a new school year. Rest assured that I am here to assist you, as are all members of the secondary admin team--Ms. Marianna Kotelnykova (Administrative Assistant), Ms. Lindsey Rech (Secondary Counselor and AP Coordinator), and Ms. Randi Assenova (IB Coordinator). We invite you to attend a virtual Open House for Secondary Wednesday, August 25, from 2:00 –2:30. The purpose of this meeting is for you to put faces to our names. Details for joining through Zoom will be emailed to you at the start of next week.

Please, contact me if you have any questions or concerns ( I am excited to start the 2021-22 school year, and I hope that you are, too!

Scott Legan

Director of Instruction, Secondary

Upcoming Events

The community calendar highlights learning, co-curricular, student life, and campus wide events happening at Kyiv International School.  The calendar also lists International Days and National Holidays that are reflective of the diverse community at KIS.  View full calendar.


There are no events to display

Kozak Nation 2021/22

We are very excited to get started with our after-school sports and activities program for Middle School and Secondary School students.  

It is our plan to start the Fall Season the week of September 6th.    You register your child for these activities using your Parent Moodle Account.  Registration forms close on September 1st at 5 PM.   You will have an opportunity to register your child before the start of each season – current registration is for the fall season.

Students will receive information about sports and activities from the Student Life office on the first day of school.  They will also receive information in their school email account.

If you have questions about our after-school program please email:

LOE Korner

Welcome to LOE!

The new school year is coming up. Mostly, the Language groups have been already completed but there are still students without LOE class on their schedule. If you haven't chosen yet a Language other than English, please, fill the form.

You should pick one of 5 languages offered at KIS: French, German, Russian and Ukrainian - Native / Non-Native programs, and Spanish - Non-Native only. In High School, you may have a possibility to learn 2.
Don't hesitate to contact LOE Coordinator (, if you have any questions.

Merci! Danke! Gracias! Спасибо! Дякуємо!

Real Talk With Mackenzie Peters

KIS Podcast

Episode 1: Mackenzie Peters

Framework & Considerations

First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Framework_and_Considerations

Campus Security

First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Campus_Security-drop_off-pick_up

Bring Your Own Device

First page of the PDF file: KIS_BYOD_Notice_2021-2022

2021 - 2022 School Year