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Kozak Korner #03. August 27, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS Community,

And, just like that, we are back in school!!!

It always feels so incredible to have students and teachers back on campus and in the classroom. This year feels extra special, as it has been a while since the campus felt so full, active, and vibrant.

I think we had the most students show up on the first day of school ever. It was a busy first day and this also explains the amount of time needed to drop off students in the morning. Things always start a little slow and then smooth out over time, so we hope the drop off and pick up time works better and better each day.

We ask that parents continue to drop children off campus and let them walk into the school to meet their teacher or go to their classroom. It is very helpful if security doesn't need to constantly stop parents and spend time explaining this. We hope to move in a direction when we can have parents on campus for different workshops or meetings. If parents need to access the campus for specific reasons, please set up an appointment.

We ask that everyone where masks while they wait outside to pick up their children. I know that we are outdoors, but there are more people each day and we want to be extra cautious.

We will continue to have a place just outside the front gate for families to register cars with new stickers and organize lunch services with KFN.

Please continue to send any COVID-19 reporting to Our COVID-19 Response team has access to these emails and works together to respond to all cases that may impact the school. If you have a family member who gets COVID-19, your child becomes a first level contact and should stay home for the appropriate amount of days, depending on the last contact.

We are really looking forward to a fantastic year here at KIS and these first days off school have been great!


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


First day of 2021-2022 school year

Learning Stories

12s Focus with Mrs. Mackenzie

12s learning strategies to help them focus and cope with stress with Mrs. Mackenzie.

3D Print And Sew with Mr. Rech

Students using YouTube to figure out how to 3d print and sew.

PTO Korner

LOE Korner

Welcome to LOE!

The new school year is coming up. Mostly, the Language groups have been already completed but there are still students without LOE class on their schedule. If you haven't chosen yet a Language other than English, please, fill the form.

You should pick one of 5 languages offered at KIS: French, German, Russian and Ukrainian - Native / Non-Native programs, and Spanish - Non-Native only. In High School, you may have a possibility to learn 2.
Don't hesitate to contact LOE Coordinator (, if you have any questions.

Merci! Danke! Gracias! Спасибо! Дякуємо!

Elementary Activities

Elementary Activities will start the week of September 6th! Activities are Tuesday and Friday during the school day. We have a wide variety of activities which students will try – acrobatics, parkour, outdoor games, climbing, football, music, art! Each class will try an activity for one week, they will rotate through all of the options. More information and details will be provided next week! We are looking forward to have our elementary activities running again.

At the moment, we are not offering elementary activities after school, because of our safety protocols. Thank you for understanding!

Kozak Nation 2021/22

We are very excited to get started with our after-school sports and activities program for Middle School and Secondary School students.  

It is our plan to start the Fall Season the week of September 6th.    You register your child for these activities using your Parent Moodle Account.  Registration forms close on September 1st at 5 PM.   You will have an opportunity to register your child before the start of each season – current registration is for the fall season.

Students will receive information about sports and activities from the Student Life office on the first day of school.  They will also receive information in their school email account.

If you have questions about our after-school program please email:

Middle School Korner

Dear Middle School Parents,

The halls of the middle school are wonderfully busy with excited student voices! Students are excited to be moving around the campus more as they go class-to-class. We are working out the kinks as students find the most efficient path to each class. Next week we’ll add lockers to the mix. Friday during homeroom, students practiced working a combination lock in preparation. Parents are encouraged to read the Kozak Korner each week. You can find past issues here: Connect - Kyiv International School.

While you are on the school website, you might want to navigate over to the Middle School section: Middle School - Kyiv International School. On the Middle School page, you will find age-level booklets that lay out the academic program as well as describe Success Orientations and Mastery Learning.

In the middle school, each teacher maintains a Microsoft TEAM for each class – this is our digital classroom platform. Microsoft TEAMs do not connect teachers to parents; instead, it connects students to their teacher.

By next Friday, you will receive a link to the age-level Shared Planner for your child. The Shared Planner is new this year and will allow parents to see the topic for each class during the week. This will allow parents to better understand which classes to ask their child about.

Look for information in the coming week about the “Extension Choices” for the fall term. These classes are held during the school day. Note, these are different than the after-school activities that Mrs. Geary organizes.

Looking forward to a wonderful week!

Mrs. Carla Grossman

Middle School Director of Instruction

Real Talk With Greg Davis

KIS Podcast

Episode 2: Greg Davis

Framework & Considerations

First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Framework_and_Considerations

Campus Security

First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Campus_Security-drop_off-pick_up

Bring Your Own Device

First page of the PDF file: KIS_BYOD_Notice_2021-2022

2021 - 2022 School Year