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Kozak Korner #04. September 3, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

What a week! I have heard so much more noise in the building and it is wonderful!

Drop off and Pick Up

Many of you have noticed that we are trying to make some adjustments to our drop off traffic flow and pick up.

  1. Please drive slowly and carefully.
  2. Please don't park in our drop off zones and leave your car.
  3. If you would like to walk children to the entrance, please park in the parking lot and walk with them.
  4. Please turn off your cars when you are waiting to pick up children after school, as we want to reduce car emissions.

Important Dates When We Will Not Have School 

We wanted to share the important dates throughout the school year when there will be no school. We don't want these dates to sneak up on you, so please take a look.

Coffee Chats

We will begin having community coffee chats again. We plan to have different themes and topics for each meeting. We will also plan some evening coffee chats for those who may not be able to attend during the school day.

Enjoy your weekend!


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School

PTO Korner

KIS Community, hello! 😀
Your PTO Shop has started  the Season of the School Year Sale.
Buy 2 KIS T-shirts - get one free. 
The stock is limited, make sure you get your KIS branded T-shirts at the best price. 👕
Please stop by our PTO Shop stand as you pick-up your kid to get your KIS branded T-shirts for your family!

Upcoming Events

6 September - Afterschool sports and Activities begin

6 September - Classroom photos

7 September - Elementary Activities begin

10 September - Sec StuCo Clash of Classes

13 September - Fall MAP testing begins

15 September - Zoom Coffee Chat with KIS Admin Team

20 September - 11 Y.O. Week Without Walls

22 September - Zoom Coffee Chat with KFN (Lunch Services)

27 September  - Individual Portraits week 

29 September - Zoom Coffee Chat - Activities and Sports

LOE Korner

Welcome to LOE!

The new school year has started. Our Language groups have already been combined, but there still are students without LOE class on their schedule. If you haven't chosen a Language Other than English, please, contact LOE Coordinator.

You can choose 1 of 5 language programs offered at KIS: French, German, Russian, Ukrainian - Native, and Spanish - Non-Native. High school students may be allowed to take 2 language programs. 

Don't hesitate to email LOE Coordinator at, if you have questions.

Merci! Danke! Gracias! Спасибо! Дякуємо!

Elementary Korner

Swimming is Coming!!

We are glad to inform you that the swimming program will start on Monday, September 6 for 5-10-year-olds!

Please, send swimming gear (swimming suit, cap, rubber shoes, goggles, and a towel) with your child to school on the day your child has their swimming lesson.  

Please note, students should be swimming unless they have a doctor's note. 



Cheri Carpenter M.Ed.
Director of Instruction-Preschool/Elementary

Middle School Korner

MS Shared Planner

Dear Middle School Parents and Students,

I am excited to introduce the Middle School SHARED PLANNER system. This new communication tool has been designed to help parents better understand what their child is learning each day AND help students plan their week.

You’ll notice there are three links, one for each age level of courses in middle school. These are Excel based documents; the tabs along the bottom of the workbook are labeled by week. Each Monday afternoon, the current week will be updated by teachers and be ready for viewing.

Classes Link to “Live” Shared Planner (Intensive English, LOE, and Safety Netting classes are not part of the shared planner.)

  Classes     Link to “Live” Shared Planner (Intensive English, LOE, and Safety Netting classes are not part of the shared planner.)  

  11-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 11Y.O.

  12-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 12Y.O.

  13-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 13Y.O.




Each Monday afternoon during homeroom time, teachers will open the SHARED PLANNER and review it with students. Students will have time to add information to their paper planners. This will help students plan their week as tests, quizzes and homework are noted.

The Shared Planner is purposefully designed to communicate the big picture about what is happening in each class. For more details, students should go to the Microsoft 365 TEAM for that class. Parents and their children are encouraged to look at 365 TEAM contents together as needed.

I will be checking with students and parents in a few weeks to gather feedback regarding our Shared Planner system. I want to take this opportunity to thank teachers for the collaborative efforts needed to provide this meaningful and timely communication to our students and parents each week. Bravo!

Best regards,
Mrs. Grossman
KIS Middle School Director of Instruction


Secondary STUCO Korner

First page of the PDF file: repelectionposter

Elementary Activities

Great News! Elementary Activities will start the week of September 6th on Tuesdays and Fridays during the school day. We have a wide variety of activities: acrobatics, parkour, hip hop, acting, Minecraft, climbing, football, music, art, swimming games and cooking! Each class will try an activity for one week and will rotate through all of the options. More information and details will be provided next week! We are looking forward to having our elementary activities running again.

We're holding off on running after-school activities for elementary age groups due to safety protocols. At least for now. Thank you for understanding!

Have a question? – Email

First page of the PDF file: Activities1pdf
First page of the PDF file: Activities

Kozak Nation 2021/22

Sports and Activities will start next week for Middle School and Secondary Students.  We are excited that so many students have signed up for sports and activities!  

You will receive an email regarding the activity/sport your child chose.  If you do not receive an email (sorry, but your email address was incorrect) please contact with a correct email address. 

Registration is now closed for the fall season.

Thank you for understanding.

Learning Stories

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly" - Art with Mrs. Chervonyk

6-10 y.o students working on the collaborative art project.

Music with Ms. Ionova

The new school year has just started, and all students are back to the music class again. They are excited and happy to start singing, dancing, moving along with the beats, playing the instruments and music games.

6RK is off to a rocking start!

HS Math Club News

As you know our HS Math Club has been participating in American Scholastic Mathematics Association Contest since 2016.

It is an Annual Math Contest for Junior, Intermediate and Senior High Schools in USA and worldwide.
There were 6 rounds from November to April.

Our HS students enjoy participating and "mathathletes" like to receive extra-curricular enrichment to help sharpen their mathematics and logic skills.

This past school year mathematics contest involved schools in the United States, Bahamas, Bahrain, Beijing, China, Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Guam, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Nanjing, China, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Qingdao, China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, China, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

KIS was the only school from Ukraine!

And our team did a great job, again! We won First Team Place! The highest scoring student on our team was Yejee! Congratulations HS Math Club members! You did it!

Make Sure You Are Aware

First page of the PDF file: 16306445898653881
First page of the PDF file: 16306445898666701
First page of the PDF file: KIS_2021-22_Framework_and_Considerations
First page of the PDF file: KIS_BYOD_Notice_2021-2022

Real Talk With ***

KIS Podcast

Episode 3: Real talk with Augustas! (first student)

KIS YouTube Channel News

Check out KIS Official Youtube Channel  and enjoy some new videos posted!


KIS 2021-22 CALENDARS are printed and given out. One per family. Ask your child for a copy as we were distributing them this Friday. 

COMMUNITY ENGLISH classes are offered to Beginning, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced learners.

Due to KIS Covid protocols, the groups meet in Zoom.

The classes are planned to be running once a week. If interested, please email

2021 - 2022 School Year