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Kozak Korner #21. January 28, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

This week has been a challenging one. I want to thank all of you who were able to join our Community Chat. We will plan on having these more frequently to keep everyone updated on the situation and answer questions.

The emotions have been very high around the school, and I know that many people have felt very uncomfortable with some of the choices presented to them. As I mentioned earlier this week, due to the security recommendation from some Embassies, we are also allowing staff to leave Ukraine and go to a temporary location. We currently have 25 teachers who will be out of country and connecting online. We have several KIS families who are also leaving and so this week has also been difficult for students and classmates.

Hybrid for Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary
All divisions will be implementing a Hybrid system for those who are either outside of Kyiv or at home because of COVID to connect to their classes. You will also receive separate messaging from each division of your child(ren). If you have Preschool/Elementary children, this will come via SeeSaw.

Bell Schedule: 8:10-3:35  (Kyiv time zone) Please note, that we have not shifted to an online learning schedule, because we are still on campus. We ask that students join as much as they can but understand anyone in Preschool and Elementary may have some limitations.

Some general guidelines for hybrid learning:

  • Students who are not on campus will be able to connect with the class from a distance. Elementary will be using SeeSaw and Zoom for their Hybrid system, while Middle School and Secondary use Microsoft Teams.
  • Students still able to come to campus should attend class as usual. Those connecting online will have received instructions on how to connect to the class or classroom. Students should connect to class as they normally would. Middle School and Secondary students have already been doing this for COVID-related reasons.
  • We ask that students be independent and responsible for their schedules and be to class on time. Younger students may need more support with this.
  • The most important thing is to communicate with the school and teacher. Older students can do this on their own using their school email accounts. 
  • Some specific guidelines will come from each division.

Communicate with the School
Please keep us updated with your family's plans. This helps us know who to expect on campus each day.

Counselor Team at KIS Mrs. Ohlinger, Ms. Zoromski, and Mrs. Rech all remain available to meet with students. They will be checking in and reaching out each week to make sure they are visible and available. If you feel like your child would benefit from meeting with one of our school counselors, please don't hesitate to contact them.

COVID-19 The city has left it to individual schools to make the decision whether to shift to online learning or not. We intend to keep following our protocols and policies as we navigate through this next wave. We hope to have students at school for face-to-face learning as much as possible and do not plan on closing the campus unless we are instructed to do so by the city or we no longer have enough staff to operate.

We hope to keep the campus open as long as it is safe for students and teachers. We also hope to run all the same classes and activities we normally offer. For those able to come to school or connecting from a distance, we want you to still feel a part of the KIS community.

Thank you for your patience this next week, as we make some of these adjustments.




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Upcoming Events

4 - 5 February - HS Knowledge Bowl Tournament 

4 - 5 February - HS Speech and Debate Tournament 

21 - 25 February - School Break 


Covid-19 Updates

  • 100% of staff are vaccinated.
  • Following new vaccination guidelines from Ministry of Health for schools.
  • Placing CO2 monitors in all classrooms as spaces.
  • Most of the vendors that come to the school campus are vaccinated; the ones who are not, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Students and Staff take rapid antigen test before competitions with other schools. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use. 
  • Several confirmed Covid cases at KIS this week: 5 staff and 10 students. 


 Parent Korner

 Divisional Korner

 Counselors Korner

First page of the PDF file: CounselorsKorner

Learning Stories & Highlights


School Days in Preschool

Classes with homeroom teachers, specials, crafts, recess and more.

P.S. Children grow so fast. We know! That's why we've decided to post more photos of our preschool group. Enjoy!



Intensive English

Intensive English is Fun!

Teacher: Oksana Stupnitska

IE students in Mrs. Oksana’s Intro group are working hard on reading biographies, opinion writing, creating weekly vocabulary cards, using online programs IXL & Kids A-Z, and playing BINGO.

Helpful tips how to play BINGO on Friday in our IE class:

· Set up a goal for the weekly points

· Get the points every time for showing your effort

· Participate in a daily work

· Pass a weekly vocabulary quiz

· Create your own BINGO card

· Play and get your prize

Students enjoy finishing their busy week with a favourite game to celebrate their success.

Middle School

Breaking into a Brighter Future 

Teacher: Sarah Herndon

Stranger things are happening in 12-year-old Literacy classes! A member of the Hawkins MS AV club is missing. The police file contains some eerie photographs and disturbing documents. But perhaps most unusual of all is the mysterious locked box that was found at the scene. 

Can our Middle Schoolers work together to decipher the clues, read the hidden messages, and unlock their learning? With the thrill of an exciting story, the collaboration of many different ideas and skillsets, and the urgency of a countdown timer, creative problem-solving through teamwork is set free in a whole new way. Students work in groups to solve new challenges that combine hands-on puzzles with digital locks. The greatest break-throughs and most rewarding lightbulb moments come from letting them struggle. Watching a group learn to value everyone's ideas, no matter how offbeat they may seem, is thrilling.

These Breakout Boxes have become so popular in Middle School that students are now designing their own games to challenge each other. Who can say what real-world problems these young innovative thinkers will one day solve?


AP Biology

Teacher: Dr. Sunitha Nagaraj

Running AP Biology labs can be a challenge. They take a lot of time, can be intimidating and it isn't always easy to connect experiments to the AP exam. All of this led us to develop a new way of doing AP Biology labs that will save time, increase student engagement and comprehension. The role of the laboratory and field learning becomes a key component in understanding biology. Laboratory and field activities and inquiry provide students with opportunities to question, observe, sample, experience, and experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge of living things. These new blended learning options combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. AP Bio students are seen here understanding both photosynthesis and cell communication activities.





Real Talk With Amin

KIS Podcast Episode 19: Amin
Check for more episodes on our website


KIS YouTube Channel News

Check out KIS Official Youtube Channel and enjoy new videos posted!

What's Cooking with KFN!

Menu for the  Week: January 31st - February 4th

*Red Letters Menu – Default menu to be sent to the classroom during Covid Protocol

Contact KFN


School Announcements

First page of the PDF file: NHSProjectDesign31
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Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we added Classifieds section to our Connect Page on the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

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