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Kozak Korner #24. February 18, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS families,

Thank you for all your patience this last week, as we shifted a few things. As a parent, I was very glad that my son was able to stay connected to the school and have a little "normal" amidst the confusion. As a parent, I am also very glad to have this next week to take a step back and have a small break. I hope that everyone is able to do the same.

After February Break
We are all watching with anticipation the situation with the hope that things will improve soon. Essentially, we are looking for some significant change in the travel and safety advisories for Ukraine in order to shift back to on-campus learning. If something does not change, we may need to extend online learning beyond the February Break. Again, we really hope things will improve soon.

Communication From and With the School
I know that all of our families in the community are looking right now to see what is best for their child(ren). This may not be the same for all families. We are trying to be as flexible as possible, within our limitations. We will be sending communications and updates as different decisions are made so you can also make the best decision for your own family. We appreciate your continued communication with the school concerning any changes that may happen with your child(ren) or family. 

Important IB Notice
Please be aware that there have been changes and updates made to the IB May 2022 Exams. KIS and IBO have been working together to come up with the best solutions for our students during these uncertain times.  For more information and latest updates please contact Mrs. Assenova @ 

I also want to say a thank you to the KIS staff and team who have been adjusting and shifting to make things work the best we can these past three weeks. A lot can change within a week, so we will send any changes or updates to the community on Thursday or Friday of next week.

We hope that everyone in our community is healthy and safe. Our hearts and minds are with Ukraine right now, as we watch the news and follow the events.




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Upcoming Events

21 - 25 February - School Break

8 March - International Women's Day - NO SCHOOL

Covid-19 Updates

  • 100% of staff are vaccinated.
  • Following new vaccination guidelines from Ministry of Health for schools.
  • Placing CO2 monitors in all classrooms as spaces.
  • Most of the vendors that come to the school campus are vaccinated; the ones who are not, go through PRC tests at KIS nurse's office and only after getting negative result are admitted to students. 
  • Students and Staff take rapid antigen test before competitions with other schools. 
  • Air purifiers, sensor water stations and hand sanitizers are easily accessible for students and staff to use.
  • Several confirmed Covid cases at KIS this week. 


 Parent Korner

Learning Stories & Highlights


Distance is not a problem

Teacher: Natalia Rudenko

This past week KIS moved to full online learning for all students. Our youngest learners love the school and gladly participate in class activities. Distance is not a problem! 


First page of the PDF file: Kozack9DW216


Art Class

Teacher: Shanna Griffus

Art students producing beautiful works despite the limitations of online schooling.



Staying in Shape in Zoom Workouts 

Teacher: John Peace

We have been finishing up our Unit 10 Future Wellness workouts in Zoom. Future Wellness is about taking responsibility of your own health and well-being. Despite being on Zoom, students in Wellness classes have been making their own workout programs and carrying them out in Zoom lessons. Good job Kozaks! Stay healthy and in good shape during the Break as well! 


HS Math Club

Teacher: Oksana Chemerys

Last Thursday, February 10, our HS Math Club members participated in the 4th ASMA content.  

Leo, Omkar, Anna E., Anna L., Yegor R., Sasha K., Max S., Iosif, Mariia F. worked very hard to solve difficult problems from different math topics. Everybody did a great job! Team’s score improved a lot! The winners of this contest in our club are Leo, Omkar, and Yegor! They solved correctly all 7 problems! Incredible! Great job, mathathlets! 


Photography Class

Teacher: Leanne Hume

Photography I and II students have been working hard ...wherever they are. At the moment they are shooting the story of "NOW" by capturing creative narrative photography. They are also learning how to use those photographs as just one element of an original graphic design.

After break students will begin work on independent task packets. This large project encourages the development of each student's individual artistic vision.  It allows them to explore personal areas interest in greater depth. 

What's Cooking with KFN!

Menu for the Week: February 28th - March 4th

*Red Letters Menu – Default menu to be sent to the classroom during Covid Protocol

Contact KFN


School Announcements

Greetings, Middle School and High School students and teachers!

Literary Almanac Libellus team is working on yet another issue - this time it's winter edition!

If you like writing poetry, stories, plays, essays and articles or are passionate about photography or illustration, - feel free to share your works by submitting them to Ms. Sheridan at Have fun exploring your creativity on this brand new winter journey! 


- The Libellus Team 

First page of the PDF file: LiteracyAlmanac_Wintereditionpdf
First page of the PDF file: Back-to-School1

Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we added Classifieds section to our Connect Page on the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23