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Kozak Korner #25. March 18, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS Community,

"How are you?" has been a very difficult question to ask others and answer when asked. It goes without saying that I don't think any of us are okay right now. We continue to watch with heavy hearts and minds everything happening in Ukraine.

Each week that goes by, more and more families are spreading out to different places. While some students are transferring to other schools, we still have several students who continue with our online program. We plan to operate this way, as long as this is necessary. Despite where students are or whether they enrolled in a different school, please know that they are always welcome to connect with our teachers and classes.

Kozak Korner
We have been in emergency mode these past few weeks. As a result, we have not published a Kozak Korner. This is the first edition since that time. We want to continue sharing the many things that are happening within our community. Given the circumstances, you will see different features in our newsletter than highlight some of the stories of our students, teachers, families, humanitarian work, resources, and ways to get involved. If you are interested in sharing a story, experience, or how you are helping to spread awareness of the war in Ukraine, please share with us. We know that some families will no longer get the KIS Informer notice about our newsletter, but you can always find it on our website, no matter where you are.

It has always been my experience that when we feel the most distant from each other, we need to find the opportunities to still be connected to the school and our community. We hope this will be a way for us to stay connected.

Planning 2022-23 School Year
We have been discussing these past weeks what the 2022-23 school year will look like. We all want to return to Kyiv as soon as possible and hope that there will be the possibility to resume school in some form. We know that everyone's situation is different, so we are planning to have a reduced staff who can support and continue with the education of students still wanting to attend KIS. We are very committed to making sure we have a structure of teachers and can offer a quality program for those who continue with us, no matter what the format might be.

KIS Staffing and Teachers
We are releasing our teachers of their contractual commitment with KIS next year, as many are worried about the uncertainty, and much has changed since they made this commitment.  It is very difficult to make a plan for staffing without knowing about our school's enrolment, and we understand that there will be significantly fewer students next year. The when, who, and in what form are still very difficult to predict, so we hope to present some different options of how we may operate depending on the circumstances to the community.

Even though it is difficult to determine enrolment, we are planning to collect this information beginning April. We hope this will help us with future planning. You will receive more information concerning this in the coming weeks. We understand everyone's situation has changed and everyone is looking to next year with uncertainty and questions, so we only hope to try and gather information concerning what everyone is thinking and expecting.

Stay safe and stay well!




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Frequently Asked Questions

  Parent Korner

  Online Learning

  Learning Stories & Highlights


Literacy Class

Teacher: Olena Petrenko-Agdi

We had fun and learned about jellies. We even made plastic bag jellyfish. Please look at Illia's pictures. The first one was taken at 8:30 am. The boy is in the left top corner. The second picture was taken 30 minutes later, around 9 o'clock. The boy's picture is in the right bottom corner, still learning.

Middle School

Students' Writing Responding To a Prompt - Quick Write in NoRedInk

Teacher: Galina Sheridan

This past week during the Writing class, the students were responding to a prompt: Imagine you’re going to time travel one hundred years into the future. Describe what you expect to see and do on your trip. How do you predict life will be different?

We would like to share some of the prompts with our community and send vibes of hope and kindness. 


Math Club

Teacher: Oksana Chemerys

On March 10, our HS Math Club members participated in the 5th ASMA content.

Leo, Omkar, Anna E., Yegor R., Ola S., Max S., Anna L. worked very hard to solve difficult problems from different math topics. Everybody did a great job! The team’s score is high! The winners of this contest in our club are Anna E., Leo, and Omkar ! They solved correctly 6 out of 7 problems! Incredible! Great job, mathathlets!


On 24 February, 2022 in the early morning hours Russia has launched a devastating air, land and sea attack on Ukraine. 

As a result, thousands and now millions of Ukrainians had to leave their homes and step into the unknown. 

Kyiv International School is endlessly proud of its staff and community members who selflessly volunteer and work hard to support Ukraine in every possible way and at every place. No matter where we are, we Stand With Ukraine! 

Stand With Ukraine - KIS Website Resources to Donate - this is a compilation of reliable organizations 

Support for Ukrainian Staff - can share with those back home or among QSI. If you know people who are asking how to support our local staff, please share this with them. QSI will provide 100% of the donated funds to the families in need! 

John and Ira Semeniuk are working with Anatoly Prima and others to help meet the needs of the people in Ukraine. - They are working to identify, purchase and deliver humanitarian aid within Ukraine and from countries abroad.  If you are interested in supporting them, you can donate to Ira Semeniuk's card.

Maksim Shevchenko - He is a Driver Who Is Using a KIS Bus to Evacuate People to Lviv and Move Humanitarian Aid Back Into Kyiv. His team has helped to evacuate more than 100 people, including our staff and PSI staff, as well as move over 10 tons of humanitarian supplies to different areas. We are in contact with him regularly to help coordinate support in different ways. He continues to need support for gas and supplies.

  • Card number - 4441114451346074

It Is Getting Hard for Ukrainians to Find Shelter - This May Help. This resource was shared with us for anyone who is outside Ukraine looking for shelter. If you know someone, have family, or people asking, this may be a good resource.

If any of our community members are still in Kyiv and would like to move to the safer place, please reach out at: 

We'd like to share some photos from our staff who devote their time, efforts and finances to support Ukrainian people in such dark hour.

We Are United! We Stand With Ukraine! 

   KOZAK's Story

This is a story of Misha, the KIS student, who, like many other children and young people was affected by war in his homeland, Ukraine. 

In the past weeks the GolfDigest relayed the story of Misha, one of the best golfers in Ukraine who found himself stuck in a war zone following the unprovoked attacks by Russian forces. (Source:

“We hear, it seems like, 50 explosions a day,” Mykhailo says, speaking in fluent English. “You never know where they are, but they always sound close. The air sirens, letting us know something is coming, are always blaring.” Earlier in the day, after one of the blasts, Mykhailo looked out his balcony window and saw smoke down the road, the closest danger has come to his door.

Mykhailo relays that the past week has been a nightmare and there is fear the worst is just beginning. Because the hours and days have started to blur as one, Mykhailo—one of the best golfers in the Ukraine—recounts his recent past, if only for a sanity check. In January he was competing in the United States. Two weeks ago he lapped a field in Turkey. He remembers he was supposed to be competing in an event this weekend. Now, well, now he is planning on sleeping in the basement, given the expected ramp-up of fire from the sky.

“Yeah, we hear it might be bad tonight,” Mykhailo says. “Kharkiv has been getting shelled. It’s probably coming this way too.” (Source:


Following the story’s publication, the golf community found a way to help its own. 

"It began with folks reaching out to Misha on Instagram, sending prayers and thoughts and encouragement. A number of junior players Misha had met in competition let him know if he needed a distraction and wanted to chat, he had an open ear. Instructor Jason Birnbaum connected with Misha, studied a handful of swing videos and offered feedback." - the GolfDigest says. 

In the second week of March Misha made it to the United States and he is safe now. Some news channels didn't miss the chance to talk to our brave Kozak. To learn more, tap the LINK . 



   QSI With Ukraine

QSI schools around the world are all thinking about Ukraine and KIS. They have shared many messages of support with our KIS community for the wider QSI global community. 

This beautiful PADLET was created with lots of love and support for KIS. Thank you QSI community! 

Made with Padlet

  School Announcements

Dear KIS community,

We are a group of four Secondary IV students who were looking to engage with animal shelters in Kyiv and help them with any supplies they might have needed. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we are unable to help directly. However, we decided to support a Ukrainian non-profit organization called ZooPatrul Kyiv (ЗооПатруль Київ) which has been rescuing pets and other animals, such as those who have been left behind by their owners due to emergency evacuations.

Many of us in the KIS community have pets. Some of us know the challenge of trying to take an animal with us while fleeing the country. Others understand that this is not always an option and that some pets get left behind. This is why our group of students would like to ask those of you who have safely made it out of Kyiv/Ukraine to support ZooPatrul's cause.

You can donate to the head of the organization: 4731219645331848 (Dmytro Revnyuk). Attached is a poster with a brief summary of it.

Note: please let the leader of our group, Jane (, know if you donate. We would like to keep track of the number of people to do so. You do not have to indicate the amount of money you donate, that is entirely up to you. We will not share any personal information, such as the names, of the people who donate with anyone outside of our group. Thank you!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

First page of the PDF file: PosterforZooPatrulKyiv
First page of the PDF file: Back-to-School1

Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we added Classifieds section to our Connect Page on the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .

First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23