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Kozak Korner #28. April 8, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS families,  

I want to thank everyone who was able to join the meeting on Thursday. It was so nice to see parents, talk with one another, and answer a few questions about next school year. We are planning to have parent meetings connected to different topics every two weeks. We will publish a list of upcoming dates and topics this next week.  

Thank you for taking the time to complete this process, as we look towards the next school year.  




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Key Dates

April – Aesthetic Appreciation

22 April - Earth Day

22 April - Status Reports

25-29 April - Spring Break

Frequently Asked Questions

  Parent Korner

  Class of 2022 University Acceptances

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  Learning Stories & Highlights


Learning about Bugs

Teacher: Yuliya Petrunyok

During this week in 2YP class students were learning about Bugs. They are everywhere! These small but mighty creatures may seem pesky, yet many insects have very important jobs. Preschoolers love to learn about all of the creepy crawlies around them. From metamorphosis, to pollination, and even learning that they outnumber the animal population. It was a very busy week. We tried different activities: easy bug drawing, played “I Spy Bugs” and “What’s Missing?” games, listened to the stories “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, “The Very Greedy Bee” by Steve Smallman, “Ants Love Picnics Too” by Susan King.

Middle School

Middle School E and S
The Letter Game

Teacher: Lee Feekins

E and S is a time during the day when Middle School students get to catch up, review or touch base with teachers about work currently underway. It provides students with a safety valve perhaps even more necessary during the present climate.

But of course it also provides our community a chance to come together, relax, perhaps even enjoy themselves and take a deep breath. Every day participants from far and wide come together during this time to play the letter game. Students, teachers, counselors are all welcome. It’s the most basic of games where you simply have to name something from an array of categories beginning with a specific letter, but it provides the perfect outlet for friendship, creativity and even on occasion, spirited debate!

Middle School

Science -11, Engineering and Design Challenge Day

Teacher: Sheri Hinsvark

Last Friday, using paper only, the class built towers.

The students "rose" to the challenge.  The tallest was Karolina's at 83 cm, followed by Katia at 73,5 cm and Tymock  at 61 cm.....Mrs. Hinsvark came in last place at 59 cm.  

Students were giggling and having fun....was a good day.  



Secondary Art

Teacher: Shanna Griffus

KIS secondary art students have created great artworks. As promised, we're sharing them with you. 


"Going Home" Series

By Marcel F.

This is a series of photographs taken by KIS Photography Class student Marcel F. 

It is called "Going Home." As you click through the photos, you can see and feel the real story that will speak louder than any words: Road. / Bridge. / Mum. / Dad. / Door. / Tea.

Thank you, Marcel, for sharing your story with us! 


National Honor Society

KIS Chapter of the National Honor Society-Service Spotlight: Ukrainian War

As the war rages on, there are many amazing people around the world that have heard the call of service and are involved in helping Ukrainians to be safe and have basic needs met! KIS National Honor Society members show their commitment to service all year long, but especially in a situation that asks one to step up and make a difference during a dangerous time in history.

We are spotlighting a few of our NHS members this week in the area of service:

Maksym S. Sec 4 - Donated money to the Armed Forces and Povernys Zhyvym.

Giorgi K. Sec 4  - Taken part in financial donations for Ukrainian people and helped Ukrainian families to find temporary shelter in Georgia.

Alen B. Sec 3 - Participated as an Ambassador to the QSI international school in Sarajevo. I connected with STUCO members at the School in Sarajevo, raised awareness of the issue in Ukraine, and managed the donations to be transferred from QSI Sarajevo to Kyiv international schools STUCO fundraising. My Family and other U.S embassy families in my apartment complex organized a bake sale to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in Falls Church, Virginia. People donated money in addition to buying goods and we were able to raise around $ 30,000. All proceeds went “Save the children,” which has been operating in Ukraine since 2014.It is a humanitarian organization for children.

Yelyzaveta P. Sec 4  - The government gave 1000 UAH to Ukrainians who got vaccinated against COVID-19. I donated that money to the army.

Chantel T. Sec 3 - Donated money and signed petitions

Aliya K. Sec 3 - Offer emotional support to students still in Ukraine, offer film club as a distraction to watch movies and discuss them.

Sviatoslav S. Sec 4 - Donated $1000 from my personal savings and assisted associates from Ukraine in settling themselves at my current location. My house in Ukraine served as a shelter for others who didn't have the possibility of staying in for the night anywhere else. My family donated one of our cars to another family who lived near Bucha and couldn’t get their car out of there.

Yegor R. Sec 3 - Organized a charity organization through the student council to gather finances from schools worldwide to help Ukraine. Finances went and are going to Mr. Semeniuk and his efforts and other organizations.

Sia B. Sec 3 - Helped Stucco with the Charity and gathered people to donate to the charity. As well as personally have contributed to Ukrainian Red Cross with my family. Also, just spreading awareness.

Blake C. Sec 4 - Posted information on social media to spread awareness. My family supplied housing for a Ukrainian family to have a place to stay once they evacuated Ukraine. Donated clothing to the school in Bratislava so that the Ukrainians could get items they needed. Purchased tourniquets to be sent to Ukraine via Mr. and Mrs. Semeniuk.

Nicholas C. Sec 4 - Donated money to organizations that give proceeds or use the money for aid in Ukraine.

Veronika I. Sec 3 - Posted infographics or information on Instagram regarding the war. Also, as a family, we are donating money to buy helmets for divisions in Kharkiv because there is a deficiency. We drove to the border, picked three Ukrainian families up, and housed them in our apartment. We helped evacuate three families of relatives and helped them get housing.

Zoie R. Sec 3 - Donated money and attended many protests

Ryem K. Sec 3 - Joined the Ukrainian volunteer effort in QSI Bratislava.

Glory to Ukraine!


  Voices of Ukraine

As the world remains glued to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine, our KIS family around the world is heartbroken for all who are affected by this situation.  Our KIS community has been impacted by this in many different ways, and we felt it was important for our students and staff to share their experiences. 

The project "Voices of Ukraine" gave students and staff the opportunity to share what they are going through during this time. It was also a place to share thoughts, experiences, and encouragement for each other.  

You can find the elementary submissions here and the middle school/high school submissions here. Here is also a great video from our Kozaks. 

Stand With Ukraine - KIS Website Resources to Donate - this is a compilation of reliable organizations 

Support for Ukrainian Staff - can share with those back home or among QSI. If you know people who are asking how to support our local staff, please share this with them. QSI will provide 100% of the donated funds to the families in need!

It Is Getting Hard for Ukrainians to Find Shelter - This May Help. This resource was shared with us for anyone who is outside Ukraine looking for shelter. If you know someone, have family, or people asking, this may be a good resource.


Thank you to KIS Counselors for launching this project!


Real Talk Podcast. Episode 22

Check for more episodes on our website


   Yearbook News

This year, our 2021-2022 yearbook, will be available to our KIS community digitally.  We will give seniors who are graduating hard copies.

  School Announcements

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Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we added Classifieds section to our Connect Page on the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .



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