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Kozak Korner #30. April 3, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS families, 

About a year ago we, sent out a similar message concerning a revision to the government mandate to close school campuses. It is difficult to take this step now and not think about that time.

Even though it brings back some memories, we also don't expect that we will be in the same circumstances as last year and hope that we will be back in a situation to have students return to campus, April 19th. 

Updated City Lockdown
These new restrictions will begin on Monday, April 5th and last through Friday, April 16th.

The new guidelines state that we will need to shift ALL LEVELS to online learning. This now includes Preschool and Elementary classes. As such, Preschool and Elementary teachers will prepare to make this shift. For parents of students now making this shift to online learning, please look for more specific instructions and information from the homeroom teacher.

We ask families to continue to report any COVID-19 cases to the school health team at

New Format for Kozak Korner
We have shifted our Kozak Korner to be more web-based. The main purpose for this has been to better integrate our communication with the school's website. This also means that you will be able to click on videos, forms, and links directly from the Kozak Korner publication.

However, you will also notice that it requires more interaction from the user. If you want to read more concerning some topics, you just need to click on some articles to see more. You will continue to receive notices via a KIS Informer, and we plan to publish on Saturday, each week.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and format of the KK.


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Distance Learning

Students meet online in short 15 - 30 minute blocks for Literacy and Mathematic activities.  The rest of the day is dedicated to Home Enrichment activities.

Elementary School
Students meet online in the morning for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Cultural Studies and Science.  The afternoon schedule includes Languages Other than English, Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Middle & Secondary School
The schedule for Middle School and Secondary School students is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  The mornings will be dedicated synchronous online classes; the entire class meets to receive instruction, discuss material, and work through a variety of assignments or projects in their class.  The afternoon will be flexible asynchronous time. Students can drop-in to office hours and work on assignments as needed.  

Please visit COVID-19 - Kyiv International School ( for more details.

Upcoming Events

The community calendar highlights learning, co-curricular, student life, and campus wide events happening at Kyiv International School. 

The calendar also lists International Days and National Holidays that are reflective of the diverse community at KIS. 

View full calendar.


Educator Profile

Mr. Mike Herndon

Mr. Herndon has been an educator for almost twenty years.  Before bringing his own special brand of passion and energy to Kyiv International School - Mr. Herndon taught at Stratton Meadows Elementary School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and at QSI Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. 

With a Masters of Science Degree in International Education, Mr. Herndon is very much an advocate of Mastery Learning - "All students can learn and progress toward mastery of any subject, given the proper motivation and guidance. When I am teaching students, I strive to engage with them on a personal level in order to help them make real life connections between the work we do in class and the world they live in."

As one of our Elementary Physical Education teachers - Mr. Herndon is always (seriously... always) on the go and he takes on the challenge of teaching with the same zeal he has for mountain climbing (he has summitted 16 peaks with altitude of over 14,000 ft.).

His classes are physically challenging, fun and as you can imagine... very popular. 

  • Elementary

Learning Stories

How has quarantine affected your life?

Secondary STUCO students recently interviewed members of our campus community about quarantines, distance learning and life since COVID-19. This is what they discovered.


Student Life

Model United Nations

KIS took part in QSI Malta's MUN 2021, and it was a fantastic experience for all concerned.

By the end of the two-day event, many new skills had been mastered, and many new friendships were formed.

KIS, with 14 participants, was by far the largest delegation, and the Kozak team was decisively shaped the way things unfolded.

For those not familiar with MUN, the goal of the event is to learn enough about a particular issue of global significance, and about the country each delegate is tasked with representing as accurately as possible on one of the 'organs' (standing committees) of the UN, then work to get resoloutions passed by a 2/3 majority of all attendees.

Needless to say, this requires an entire toolbox of skills, and, not surprisingly, our Secondary Diplozaks excelled across the board in research, role play, public speaking, debate, negotiation, consensus building and all-around politicking.

After much vigorous and spirited discussion on the many facets of the topic (Supporting Immigrant Integration), the Economic and Social Council passed two resolutions.

  • The first, related to acculturation within countries, was put forward by Anna L (Netherlands), Saakshi G(UK), and Vik H (Russian Federation)
  • The second, related to terrorism, sovereignty, and border control, was put forward by Sofiia L (India), and Yegor R (China)

The organizers and ECOSOC Council Chairs gave out three delegate awards -- Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, and three Honorable Mentions. KIS delegates brought home four of them!

  • QSI Baku's Anissa Tam (representing the USA) was awarded Best Delegate.
  • Sophiia Limakova (India) was awarded Outstanding Delegate.
  • Three Honoroable Mention Awards were given to KIS Delegates.
    • Evan Forrest (Mongolia)
    • Saakshi Gummaraju (The United Kingdom)
    • Ty Ohlinger (South Africa)

Mr. and Mrs. Hume want to thank every one of the participants from KIS for putting in an incredible amount of work, and for representing KIS so very, very well.

They'd also like to acknowledge Ms. Geary and Ms. Law from the AD's office for making the team's participation arrangements, as well as Ms. Yana from the Director's office for material support.