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Kozak Korner #30. April 12th, 2024

| Director's Message

Dear Families,

Thank you for responding to the re-enrollment on Open Apply. It helps us with our planning and scheduling for the 2024-2025 school year.

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our new overseas staff to the community. We are increasing the number of teachers who are native speakers. We are confident that our community will continue to grow and thrive in the coming school year.

Community Coffee Chats

On May 13-15 at 3 PM I will host a series of coffee chats to answer any questions you have about next school year. This is especially helpful if your child is moving from one division to another – for example, if they are moving to the 11-year-old class next year, you should attend the Middle School chat.

May 13th: Elementary parents
May 14th: Middle School
May 15th: Secondary

Safety Outdoors

Our grounds are a delightful place for children of all ages! In the coming weeks we will spray pesticide to protect against ticks and insects. This will be done on the weekend when no one is present on campus.


We are looking forward to our school wide drama production this week. WOZ will be performed at 6 PM on both Thursday and Friday nights! We encourage our whole community to attend and to bring their friends and family!

Best regards,
Rachel Geary

| Welcome Our New Teacher for 2024-25!

Hello there! I am David Graves, and I'll be the new homeroom teacher for the 9-year-olds. I was born and mostly raised in a small town in California (USA), about 40 miles from Yosemite. I was the first in my family to attend university and originally intended to work in the nonprofit world, focusing on renewable energy. Life happened and I found that I wanted to see a more direct impact of my day-to-day work, which is how I found my way to the teaching profession working in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

When I teach, I am often in performance mode, but in private I tend to be a very one-on-one sort of person. I enjoy making music, having small dinner parties, going on random motorcycle rides with my phone off, cats, cat memes, and videos of cats. Nothing against dogs, though.

I tend to be both serious and goofy, patient but also expecting the best from both my students and my friends, and generally just love learning, experiencing and sharing. I look forward to the bonds I'll form with you and your kids. We'll be spending quite a lot of time together.

| Mastery Learning Survey


Kyiv International School has a mastery learning approach. This means that students always have an opportunity to learn at their own pace, improve their results, and upgrade their grades. Teachers always do their best to accommodate every KIS student’s needs.

Please complete this short survey to help us understand your awareness of mastery learning.

A big thank you for making our school a unique place for every learner. Your time, help, and support are highly appreciated. 


Mastery Learning Committee

Key Dates

April - May - June:

  • 15-23 April - IB Mock Exams
  • 18 - 19 April - WOZ Premiere 
  • 22 - 26 April- Spring MAP Tests
  • 24 - 26 April - Book Fair Fest
  • 26 April - Literacy Dress Up
  • 27 April - 3 May - Spring break - no school
  • 8 May - Remembrance Day - no school
  • 6 - 17 May - AP Exams 
  • 13-14-15 May - Coffee Chats
  • 18 May - Spring Fling and Art Fest
  • 1 June - Digital SAT
  • 8 June - Graduation
  • 19 June - Last day of school

School Calendar 2023-24

School Calendar 2024 - 2025 

Event Calendar

| Moodle Account


Need help with your family Moodle Account? (This is where you should see MAP scores and Status Reports)

Please contact:

| Parent-Teacher Conference


Do you want to have a conference with your child's teacher?  No problem!  Please email: 

We will gladly schedule an appointment for you. 

| PTO Spotlight


Dear KIS Community,

Thank you to all who took the time to cast their votes in our Garage Sale polls. 

We are delighted to announce that the overwhelming majority has shown enthusiasm for the idea of combining the Garage Sale with our upcoming Spring Fling Festival on Saturday, May 18th. This promises to be an exciting and vibrant event for everyone involved.

Here's how to register as a seller:

1. Pay the 200 uah reservation fee to the PTO Банка (🔗LINK and card number: 5375 4112 0466 5090), mark your name and the purpose of payment (Reservation fees are non-refundable. All funds will be donated to charity.)

2. Send your reservation request to

Please note that due to limited availability, we urge you to make your reservations promptly to avoid disappointment. Remember to mark your payment with your name and table reservation details. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to



What is KIS Moms & Dads? 

KIS Moms & Dads is a private group on Facebook for KIS parents and the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). It is a great way to find out what's going on with the PTO. To join please complete the membership questions. 

First page of the PDF file: KISMomsDads

How to join PTO? 

It's simple - just send an email at or talk to one of the PTO members at the PTO store.

| Spring MAP Testing


Spring MAP testing is coming! KIS students will be doing MAP testing during the week of April 22. The make-up sessions will be after the break, during the week of May 6.

The NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Test is an advanced tool designed to evaluate and promote your child’s academic growth and learning achievements. What makes this test special is its adaptive nature, ensuring a personalized testing experience that adjusts to your child’s unique learning level. (“NWEA Map - Overview.” TestingMom, 12 Jan. 2024,

The result? You, along with your child’s teachers, get valuable insights into your child’s learning trajectory. These insights can identify areas of strength and pinpoint where additional support might be beneficial. This can help tailor your child’s learning experience, keeping it challenging enough to foster growth, yet achievable enough to maintain confidence and motivation. (“NWEA Map - Overview.” TestingMom, 12 Jan. 2024,

| College & Counseling


| Meet Your School Counselor

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chelsey Zoromski and I am your school counselor this year.  I am available to meet with students, staff, and parents about any social emotional topics or university questions that may come up this year.  I am currently living in Moldova but am available to meet with you on Teams on Thursdays and Fridays.   

In order to schedule a meeting with me, please click here. This link will show you the time I am available and automatically adapt to your time zone.  It will also send you all the information for the Teams meeting.  You may contact me any time at: 

Please watch this short video to learn how to book appointments with me.

Chelsey Zoromski
School Counselor
Kyiv, Chisinau, Munster, and Montenegro
Click here to schedule an appointment with me

| "Empower" Lesson Plans

The Empower curriculum integrates the Success Orientations, Social Emotional Learning concepts, and Child Protection principles into individual lessons throughout the year. These lessons will be delivered during a dedicated weekly EMPOWER class time. This approach aims to equip students with a comprehensive set of skills applicable throughout their lives. Specific lessons tailored to each grade level ensure developmental appropriateness. While some concepts may be revisited annually, the lessons will vary based on the students' age. For more information, please see the QSI Empower statement.

Teachers will keep parents informed about the upcoming lessons for their child, and for certain grades, the lesson plans will be accessible in this newsletter. Click on the post below to view the message from the teacher.

| Week Highlights

IB Art


IB Art students are working hard on creating brind new art works that are transcriptions of work inspired by artists they admire. Artists that are currently being examined are Ukrainian Sonia Delaunay, Gustave Klimt and others. IB art students

Continue reading about IB Art

| CAS Book Review

| Integrated Technology Platforms


| Extra Services


| Announcements