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Kozak Korner #32. April 17, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

As you have seen, the city lockdown has been extended. Our current plan is to have students on campus following the Spring Break, on May 3rd.

I would like to thank those who were able to attend the Community Coffee Chat on Friday. There were several questions discussed, but the main concern was what the plan is to finish off this year and what to expect in August. Below are a few talking points from the meeting on Friday.

Remaining of the School Year
If the lockdown continues to extend into May and June, KIS will petition to allow students on campus, due to the safety procedures and policies we have in place. We don’t anticipate needing to do this.

Planning for August
With some of the changes for spacing and individuals slowly getting vaccinated, KIS is planning for all students to be on campus in August. We have already purchased more furniture to accommodate more students. 

Some Challenges with the Schedule
There are a number of things to try and work out for all students to try and have access to different courses throughout the day. LOE classes and other specials sometimes make it difficult to make sure all students get breaks and lunch at the same time. We have tried our best to provide a user-friendly schedule, but there are some limitations.

Activities for Students
We have done our best to offer as many activities as possible this year. Many of these have been for Middle School and Secondary students. There is a regular conversation about how to do more and when. Elementary School Activities are a challenge to do this year, due to the schedule. We are looking at how to do this next school year.

Mental Health
Our counselor team is always available to help support. Feel free to reach out to them with any concerns. We know this year has been challenging and we appreciate how active our counselors have been. We will continue to discuss more options to provide any necessary support, counseling, and outreach.

Future Coffee Chats
We know that not everyone can attend the Coffee Chat when it is in the morning, so we plan to have them at different times, including some in the evening.

We understand that everyone is looking forward to August to better understand what school life will be like. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support.


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Distance Learning

Students meet online in short 15 - 30 minute blocks for Literacy and Mathematic activities.  The rest of the day is dedicated to Home Enrichment activities.

Elementary School
Students meet online in the morning for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Cultural Studies and Science.  The afternoon schedule includes Languages Other than English, Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Middle & Secondary School
The schedule for Middle School and Secondary School students is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  The mornings will be dedicated synchronous online classes; the entire class meets to receive instruction, discuss material, and work through a variety of assignments or projects in their class.  The afternoon will be flexible asynchronous time. Students can drop-in to office hours and work on assignments as needed.  

Please visit COVID-19 - Kyiv International School ( for more details.

Upcoming Events

The community calendar highlights learning, co-curricular, student life, and campus wide events happening at Kyiv International School. 

The calendar also lists International Days and National Holidays that are reflective of the diverse community at KIS. 

View full calendar.


The Library @KIS

“Librarians save lives by handing the right book at the right time to a kid in need.” (Judy Blume)

The Kyiv International School Library would like to continue providing access to books for children of all ages during the current quarantine. While we should all stay at home for quarantine, you can still request library books from the library.  

The direct link to the Destiny Discover catalog can be found on the home page of the school's website.  You can also access the catalog directly using this link.

All you need to do is log in, search, and click on “hold” for each book. You can have up to 8 holds at a time. The librarian will see your holds and notify you by e-mail when the books are ready to be picked up from the school main gate.

We recommend choosing books with an ‘in’ status. It guarantees that you can receive them in 48-hours. 

Please, remember to return the books you borrowed previously before requesting additional books. You can drop them into the green book bin at the school main gate.

Your login: first name-last name
Password: qsiukr

We will send more detailed instructions upon request.

Do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

Middle School & Secondary School Red/Black Day Schedule

Notes:  April 26 to April 30 is Spring Break and Monday, May 10 is Victory Day.  There is no school on these days.

Educator Profile

Mr. Jacques Kaufmann

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Kaufmann is a talented educator.  An avid cyclist, his teaching skills can be compared to a bike multitool - he can do everything!  Mr. Kaufmann wears a couple of very different hats at Kyiv International School.  He is the school's MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Coordinator, and also teaches Mathematics, Science and AP Psychology.  

Not only does he give so much to school, but he feels like it is a two way street - "KIS gave me the chance to grow as a professional, and made me feel at home since day one".


  • AP Program
  • Middle School
  • Secondary School

IB Film Festival @KIS

First page of the PDF file: Copyofglow1
  • IB Program
  • Secondary School
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Film course's annual student film festival takes place next week.

KIS' Class of 2021 IB Film students are proud to present the "Fade In" IB Film Festival. This annual event allows KIS' Film students to share a small sample of their creativity, and celebrates their incredible work.

Featuring work by all six graduating senior Film students, the Fade In festival will take place via live stream on the KIS Official YouTube channel on Friday, April 23 at 1:00 PM.

The showcase of work will be followed by an interactive Q&A session between the filmmakers and the live audience. Simply post your question to the comments, and they will answer as many as they have time for.

This event is suitable for all ages, although one clip does make use of some suspenseful imagery. (PS and younger Elementary students may be a bit too young.)

Check out this video from last year's festival to learn more.


Learning Support

Student Life