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Kozak Korner #32. May 13, 2022



Director's Message

Dear KIS Community,

It feels like May is moving quite fast. Soon June will be here, and we will be wrapping up a very challenging school year. As such, I wanted to mention a few things.

Last Day of School - June 17th
KIS has decided to change the last day of school from Tuesday, June 21st, to Friday, June 17th. Given the school year, we thought it more appropriate to finish on the Friday, as the Monday and Tuesday activities are normally field days and award ceremonies. This means the last day of scheduled classes will be on June 17th.

2022-23 School Year
We will continue to share updates concerning our plans for the next school year. Below, you will see a section of important information and considerations, including the financial assistance information I sent in an informer this week.

Enrolment for Next School Year
We really need to finalize who will be joining KIS. Many families have not completed the form to communicate their plans to the school. We will now begin contacting families to complete this process and have a better idea of enrolment for planning.

I know there are still many things which are uncertain, and we hope to be able to offer the best education possible but understand that so much of this is dependent on several factors.




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School


Key Dates

May 18th - Community Coffee Chat: Secondary Program - Graduation Planning (Secondary Admin Team)

May 27th: Kozak Art Fest 2022

June 1st - Community Coffee Chat: Transition Week (transitioning within school and to new schools)

June 3rd - Student Led Conferences 

June 12th - Graduation 

June 15th - Community Coffee Chat: 2022-23 School Year (Leadership Team)

Frequently Asked Questions

  Parent Korner

  Important Information and Consideration

  Divisional Korner

  Learning Stories & Highlights

Middle School 

11s Literacy Takes on the Novel, Giddy Oink! 

Teacher: Bill Stevenson 

Nothing has been “typical” about this challenging year. For literacy sections B and D, coming up with a class novel to read, discuss and analyze sounds impossible, especially since we are now spread across the globe. It was time to think outside the box and that is exactly where a solution was found for this unit. 

The two, 11-year-old classes agreed upon reading a novel they could access digitally, called Giddy Oink! being written by their teacher. It is an in-progress tale of a philosophical piglet, growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky, beginning around 1980. Somehow, he thinks he will grow up to be like the creature in the pen next to his at the farm, a horse.  

After cleverly planning an escape from his pen, “the little pig,” as he is referred to in the book, wants to see what is beyond the next hill, the next corner, and the next set of woods. He also wants to understand more of the two-leggers’ “grunts,” as he calls human speech.  

One evening during his travels, he watches a western at a drive-in movie and marvels at how a horse forms an incredible “team” with the right rider. 

After continuing his wandering, the little pig, still unhappily nameless to this moment, meets up with Bobby, an 11-year-old born with spina bifida. Impressed with the not-as-little-as-before pig’s lightning speed, Bobby names him “Flash.” Finally, the little pig has a sense of identity! 

With school starting in a few days and no way to get there, a neighbor girl jokingly suggests Bobby ride Flash to school. Of course, Flash loves this idea and becomes Bobby’s legs for the many adventures that follow. 

Students are currently finishing their analyzation of the novel, in particular, the two main characters’ development through the first 217 pages out of a present total of 400. Each student also selected the three, most important symbols and the themes to list and describe in their evaluation. 

Some students need a bit more time to finish their analyzations but thus far, leading the way in themes are the deepening friendship of the main characters, that it’s OK to be different, and lastly, the importance to have a dream, no matter what our circumstances or who we are! 

Student comments on the novel include: 

“…always believe in what you can do.”  

“Never let your hope go away.”  

“I think never giving up was an incredibly good theme in this book.” 

“…the characters are all unique and funny.” 

“It is the most interesting thing I’ve read in the whole time of reading any book.” 

As mentioned earlier, this novel is “in-progress.” If current students want a say in the story, they can add characters, even based on themselves if they so choose. Bobby and Flash are only halfway through sixth grade. Middle and high school are around the corner. Who else might they meet? What might happen next?  

Our students get to decide! 


Spanish Class

Teacher: Alba Becerra

May celebrations
There are so many holidays in May! Last week, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, now - Dia de las madres. Ms. Alba would like to share some pictures with you. Enjoy!

  School Announcements

Couple of Minutes of Fame is one of the most anticipated events of the Art's Festival. This year's talent show will be virtual - giving all members of the campus community the opportunity to showcase their talent!

The date is May 27, 2022.

We hope you will participate!

All talents are welcome:  singing, dancing, drawing, cooking, juggling, etc.!


Video length: 3 minutes

This will be facilitated through Flipgrid:

Join Code: (if needed): 2dd0f072

Deadline for submitting your Video Responses: May 20, 2022

Lyrics of the songs need to be sent to Mrs. Ionova for confirmation: May 17, 2022

For help with uploads email:

YEARBOOK 2022 coming to KIS digitally in June! 


First page of the PDF file: PosterforZooPatrulKyiv
First page of the PDF file: Postersmall_Semeniuk
First page of the PDF file: KISBusDriver_postersmall

Dear Campus Community,

As you know, we added Classifieds section to our Connect Page on the school website. The Section contains the following branches: 




If you have an announcement you would like us to place there, please email .



First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2021-22_Final
First page of the PDF file: KISSchoolCalendar2022-23