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Kozak Korner #35. May 24th, 2024

| Director's Message

Dear Families, 

Thank you to everyone who came to our Spring Fling Art Fest last Saturday! It was a wonderful event that highlights our vibrant community. A shout-out to the PTO for sponsoring and organizing the very popular Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt. Much gratitude to our KIS staff for all their efforts to make this a success. 

We look forward to seeing you again on Friday, May 31st for our Student Led Conferences. These are wonderful opportunities for parents, students and teachers to reflect on the school year and start setting goals for next year. Appointments are made directly with the teacher for the younger students (8-years-old and less) and on the Family Moodle for all other students from Wednesday, May 22nd to May 30th Registration will close at 1 PM on May 30th. 

We enjoyed hosting the Stand with Ukraine Elementary School Football Tournament this week. Teams from three schools joined us for this event. Our players did a great job, and they had the support of the whole school who came out to cheer them on. #kozaknation 

Enjoy a relaxing weekend. 

Best regards,
Rachel Geary

| Student-Led Conferences


Dear Parents,  

On Friday, May 31st we will have our Student Led Conferences. This is not a regular school day - there are no classes. Students come to school with their parents to attend the conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year and the growth that has taken place.  

Please note, that the online signups currently open.

In order to book appointment, please logon to the Moodle with your parent login at,

  • Click on “Family profile” link,
  • Click on “PTC signups” button in left vertical menu,
  • Click on “Registration” button,
  • Click on teacher picture, choose desired time slot and click on “Book” button next to it,
  • Select student and provide optional comment in the registration form and click on “Save”,
  • Repeat steps for rest of the teachers you would like to meet

Please find the instructions on how to Sign-Up for the Conferences here.


| Spanish


Dear Families,

We appreciate the interest in Spanish as a Language Other than English. Traditionally KIS has offered this language. Next year we will offer two beginner Spanish classes for Middle School and Secondary School students. In the 2025-26 school year, we will hire a full-time Spanish teacher and offer a wider range of Spanish classes. 

| School Dress Code


Summer Wear! 

As it gets warmer, we know our community looks forward to summertime! We want our students to be comfortable, but also to maintain some dress standards. Please no short shorts, bare bellies or spaghetti straps! 

It's important that students feel like they are at school, not the beach!  

Key Dates

May - June:

  • 30 May - IB Film Festival 
  • 31 May - Student-Led Conferences
  • 1 June - Digital SAT 
  • 7 June - Grad Walk
  • 7 June - Water World Secondary StuCo 
  • 8 June - Graduation
  • 13 June - Prek Concert
  • 14 June - Elementary Concert
  • 14 June - Moving Up Ceremony for 10 YO 10:30  
  • 17 June - Prek & Elementary Field Day
  • 17 June - Moving Up Ceremony for 13 YO 10:30  
  • 18 June - MS & Secondary Field Day
  • 19 June - Last day of school

School Calendar 2023-24

School Calendar 2024 - 2025 

Event Calendar

| Moodle Account


Need help with your family Moodle Account? (This is where you should see MAP scores and Status Reports)

Please contact:

| PTO Spotlight


Exciting News from PTO Shop! 🎉

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What is KIS Moms & Dads? 

KIS Moms & Dads is a private group on Facebook for KIS parents and the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). It is a great way to find out what's going on with the PTO. To join please complete the membership questions. 

How to join PTO? 

It's simple - just send an email at or talk to one of the PTO members at the PTO store.

| College & Counseling


| Meet Your School Counselor

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chelsey Zoromski and I am your school counselor this year.  I am available to meet with students, staff, and parents about any social emotional topics or university questions that may come up this year.  I am currently living in Moldova but am available to meet with you on Teams on Thursdays and Fridays.   

In order to schedule a meeting with me, please click here. This link will show you the time I am available and automatically adapt to your time zone.  It will also send you all the information for the Teams meeting.  You may contact me any time at: 

Please watch this short video to learn how to book appointments with me.

Chelsey Zoromski
School Counselor
Kyiv, Chisinau, Munster, and Montenegro
Click here to schedule an appointment with me

| "Empower" Lesson Plans

The Empower curriculum integrates the Success Orientations, Social Emotional Learning concepts, and Child Protection principles into individual lessons throughout the year. These lessons will be delivered during a dedicated weekly EMPOWER class time. This approach aims to equip students with a comprehensive set of skills applicable throughout their lives. Specific lessons tailored to each grade level ensure developmental appropriateness. While some concepts may be revisited annually, the lessons will vary based on the students' age. For more information, please see the QSI Empower statement.

Teachers will keep parents informed about the upcoming lessons for their child, and for certain grades, the lesson plans will be accessible in this newsletter. Click on the post below to view the message from the teacher.

| Kozak News


Nets for Protection 

Hello Kozak community! We, the 13-year-old class, are engaged in a Service-Learning Project in order to benefit Ukraine. We are gathering clothes in order to make camouflage nets for Ukrainian soldiers. We need donations of green, light brown, and sandy coloured clothes, the material should not be too heavy, or reflective, and should be print-free. Donations should be placed in the donation box standing in the lobby. 

IB Film Festival

Classes are welcome!! This event is suitable for students aged 13 and up. Don't miss out on the cinematic fun!

First page of the PDF file: StuCoElections2024-25

| Week Highlights

LOE: German


Projects are a vital part of our German class because students genuinely enjoy them. One notable project had middle school students planning their dream school field trips. From visiting local parks to traveling abroad, they eagerly mapped

Continue reading about LOE: German

Spring Fling and Art Fest 2024

What an amazing weekend at the KIS Spring Fling and Art Fest! The event featured delicious food generously provided by our wonderful KIS families, thrilling Treasure and Scavenger Hunts with great prizes, the Garage Sale, and numerous fun games and activities. The highlight was an outstanding art exhibition displaying the talents of our students!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to charity – together, we raised over 15,000 UAH to support children, the disabled, and animals. 🐾❤️ Your generosity and community spirit made this event truly meaningful.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community!

| CAS Book Club


| Integrated Technology Platforms


| Extra Services


| Announcements