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Kozak Korner #36. May 22, 2021


Director's Message

Dear KIS Families,

This past week, we had our Middle States Accreditation virtual visit. This re-accreditation process is something that happens every seven years. QSI has moved to receive accreditation as a system across all QSI schools. This means that we still have our own individual accreditation but in connection with QSI.

During the MSA visit, they talked with teachers, students, and parents. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has been involved in this process and with these meetings. The visit went very well, and the MSA team spoke very highly of the school and the many good things happening at KIS.


Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School



2020-2021 Yearbook

Upcoming Events

The community calendar highlights learning, co-curricular, student life, and campus wide events happening at Kyiv International School.  The calendar also lists International Days and National Holidays that are reflective of the diverse community at KIS.  View full calendar.


Middle & Secondary School Red/Black Day Schedule



June 3rd - Conferences

Dear Parents.

Please save the date for the last Parent Teacher Conferences of the school year.  June 3, 2021.

Parents will receive emails from their child's teacher regarding scheduling the Parent Teacher Conference.

Middle School/Secondary School
The theme for the day is Student Led Conferences (SLC) - an opportunity for your child to highlight their experience as a learner during the school year.  Students will present to their parents and a panel of teachers.  You will receive more details from the Middle School/Secondary School admin offices later this week.

All conferences will be conducted virtual through Zoom.  Please note - there is no school on June 3 as the entire day is dedicated to conferences and presentations. 

Student Life

2021-2022 School Year

Dear KIS Community,

As we look to the 2021-22 school year, KIS is planning to bring ALL STUDENTS back to the school campus and shift our school schedule to reflect previous years. There are a number of things to consider when doing this and we want to make sure that everyone understands some of the considerations made by the school to make sure we can do this as safely as possible.

Preschool (2-4 yo)
There will be no changes to the preschool program. These classes are already combined.

Elementary (5-10 yo)
Elementary classes will be coming back together into one classroom.   These groups are already limited to smaller class sizes (16 students). We are adjusting some furniture in these classrooms to maximize the space available.

Middle School  (11-13 yo)
All Middle School students will be attending school on campus, every day. Some of our classrooms have shifted spaces to allow for middle school to take on extra rooms. We are also changing 5 middle school classrooms to be larger for more space. This means the majority of  the middle school classrooms will now be larger in space, as we have already increased the size of some rooms.

Secondary Students
All Secondary School students will be attending school on campus, every day. The size of classes and spaces are different for all Secondary classes. Some classes are smaller, while others may have more students. However, the average size of these classes still remains relatively small with 16 students. Larger spaces will be taken into consideration for any classes that may be larger than 16 students.  

Extremely Limited Online Only Learning Option
KIS will NOT offer the same level of online learning. Depending on the situation, we may accommodate a limited “fly on the wall” connection to the classroom and teacher, however, the majority of our focus will be shifting to students on campus.  Those wishing to remain completely online will need to consider how to move forward at KIS and what options will be available. Any time a class needs to be quarantined or there is a government-mandated lockdown, KIS will shift to its online learning plan.

Student Athletics and Activities
Middle School and Secondary will continue with after-school activities. Inter-school competitions will be limited, but KIS will plan to have some competitions with schools that are following similar safety guidelines. CEESA has canceled the Fall Season, however, KIS will continue to participate in as many virtual events as possible. The Elementary Program is scheduling Elementary Activities and will be planning a safe way to offer these during the day.

We will be sharing more information and keeping the community updated on any changes, as much can change between now and August. 

The Arts @KIS

Student Life

First page of the PDF file: Planner_Cover_By_Shirin_Djuraeva_ShirinDjuraeva_1
Design Contest

Middle School Students had the opportunity to design next year's planner and they submitted some amazing designs!  A special thanks to Anna, Seoyoon, Shirin, Ami, Sofiia, Milena, and Marianna who participated in this contest. Teachers voted and the winner of this contest is Shirin!  

National Honor Society

The NHS Bedtime Stories Project

Welcome to the Bedtime Stories project!  As the KIS National Honor Society, we invite you to settle in with your child, click on a video, and listen to our NHS students read their favorite childhood stories. 

Visit Bedtime Stories to see a full list of videos.

Scholastic Book Club

Dear Parents! 

In order to give you the opportunity to have some wonderful books for the summer, KIS has decided to open the Online Scholastic Book Club one more time this year! The offer starts on May 16th and runs out on May 26th. We are going to hopefully receive your books before the end of the school year. The estimated time of arrival is the 10th-15th of June. Please note this is the estimated date of arrival and is subject to change.    

Before you place an order, please, consider the following: you have to be in Kyiv till the end of June to be able to pick up your order from school if you need to leave earlier for summer you agree to pick up your order in August/September from school. The school is not shipping the orders.

What is a Scholastic Book Club?
Two or three times a year, KIS gives the opportunity to order quality children's books at a discounted price from Scholastic Book Club. The books Scholastic offers are carefully chosen to get children reading for pleasure - and to keep them reading right through their teenage years. There is no obligation to order, but for every €1 that parents spend on a school’s Book Club order, they’ll donate 20¢ in FREE BOOKS back to the school*.

As a librarian, I set up a new Book Club order via Scholastic's website. I share the unique scholastic website address with you below. Parents and children go online to browse the latest Book Club range. Parents order and pay securely online. Your child's teacher will receive the order, so please remember to choose your homeroom teacher before paying for your books The books are delivered to the school for FREE.

Here are the steps you need to take: 

  1. Go to the school's Scholastic Webpage - you will see QSI in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Select which books you would like - to do this click “BUY” 
  3. When orders get close to £80.00 or 100$ please proceed to checkout. There will be a summary of the order, click check out again. You can always open another with the same date straight after. This way the company can keep the orders going through customs without issues/delays. 
  4. It will ask you to register your email address or if you are a returning customer to log in using your email address and password. 
  5. Choose which book club basket/teacher you would like to place the order into. Your child's teacher will receive your order and pass it on to you. 
  6. Make payments for your books.

If you have any questions, please, email me at


Alla Yarmolenko
Head Librarian
Kyiv International School



PTO Fundraiser

First page of the PDF file: BraveryBox_plakat1

Donation boxes are placed in the front lobby of the school.  If you wish to support this PTO sponsored event, please send donations to school with your children and have them drop items off in a box.

Learning Stories

Alphabet in 3RN

One of the main goals of preschool literacy instruction is to teach young children the alphabet. For some children, this comes very easily and naturally but for others, it takes a lot of time, energy, and practice.

The wide variety of activities give 3 RN the opportunity to work on the letter Zz  knowledge in many different ways.  Kids can trace the letters with their fingers to learn and recognize the unique features of each individual letter. 

Multi–sensory activities are also very effective ways to help kids remember and recognize the letters.  This tracing activity allows kids to learn letters formation better. 

My kids love listening to the books which help them to form language vocabulary.

Solar System in 6AS

Students in Ms. Stubb's 6 Year Old Class wrapped up a project on the solar system by making models of our own home in the galaxy.

Spray Paint Art

Students in Ms. Helen's art class continued their wonderful exploration into different mediums of art by creating their own spray paint masterpieces (coming soon to a building mural near you!).

  • Middle School
Sound Stories

The students in 9MP have been working hard on their drama unit. Students continue practicing creativity, voice, and improvisation with games such as sound stories. As a class, students brainstormed 6 sounds and were then invited to spend 10 minutes in groups writing a story with those sounds, which they then performed for the class.


  • Elementary
Solving problems in the Middle Ages

Students in Ms. Herndon's 12 Year Old Cultural Studies class identified a problem in the Middle Ages and worked together to come up with a solution. Issues ranged from how to provide safe, clean water to villages to how to protect the wealthy, vulnerable monasteries from Viking pillagers.

Each group presented their problem, how they would solve it, the effects of their solution on the quality of life during that time, and the sources they used. They then answered questions about the biggest challenge they faced during the project, whom they empathized with to come up with their solution, and any surprises they experienced during the process. 

Student Life

Vacation from the Virus Volleyball!

In February, Mr. Dimpfl, our secondary Mathematics teacher and boys’ volleyball coach came up with a great idea: an intramural volleyball tournament involving secondary students and KIS staff.   Eighty students and staff members signed up and organized themselves into teams.    At the start of March we were about ready to get started, when Kyiv went into lockdown.   Undeterred, the players rallied post-lockdown and the VVV tournament has begun!

It is great to see the gyms full of students and staff, cheering and competing.  A huge thanks to Mr. Dimpfl both for coming up with this amazing idea and for the hard work of organizing 16 teams and 80 players!  

Graduate Spotlight

Name: Nadia 

University and Major:
WU Vienna University of Business and Economics.
Business and Economics.

Favorite Kozak Memory
Starting the first day of school in 2009

Name: Aleksandra 

University and Major:
CASS Business School.
Business Management/ International Business.

Name: Vaiva

University and Major:
London Film Academy.

Favorite Kozak Memory
Going to Israel with the basketball teams, getting to explore it and experience the team-bonding.

Name: Sofiia 

University and Major:
University in California.

Kozak Message:

Name: Tim
Next year I plan to do my mandatory service in the Finnish Army. Then I will go on to study computer science or AI.

Favorite Kozak Memory:
The collective student celebration and sigh of relief when IB exams got canceled earlier this spring.

Name: Melis 

University and Major:
Utrecht University or University of Exeter.
Business Economics.

Graduation 20/21

Dear Parents of Secondary IV Students.

This year's Graduation Ceremony has been scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 4:00pm.

Due to school COVID protocol, the event is only open to graduates and a limited number of family members.

Please note - the event is weather permitting and can change due to COVID concerns.  Masks must be worn.  Temperatures will be taken on arrival.  Attendees must be on the guest list to enter campus.

For more information, please contact Ms. Rech, Secondary Counselor at Kyiv International School.