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Kozak Korner #41. June 22, 2023


Director's Message


Dear KIS students, parents, and faculty: 

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this final Director’s message to the community. Needless to say, we have been through some turbulent times together. It is difficult for me to find the words to fully express my feelings. I also don’t think I will fully understand how I feel about everything until everything has moved beyond my role at KIS. I have loved my time at the school and with this community. Even in the darkness, I have been blessed by the light and joy that has come from being a part of KIS and rubbing shoulders with the best of people. 

I would like to thank the Parent Teacher Organization team who has worked throughout the year to plan social events which have reconnected the community in Kyiv. This year, our PTO was led by Helen Garbuz, Olena Wright, Maria Sydorchuk, Alina Filipchuk, Tatiana Rutkovska, Natasha Yegorova, Katya Munteanu, Sveta Ionova, and Natasha Rudenko. We hope that more parents will be able to join the PTO team this next school year, as this is a vital part of building our community. Thank you, PTO!  

I would also like to thank and express my gratitude to the teachers, support staff, office staff, and administration at KIS! They have done such an incredible job holding things together and with an eye towards the future. We have been so lucky to have such a wonderful team who have done such amazing things. They always put the needs of students first and find ways to make school an enjoyable experience.

Finally, I would also like to thank the QSI organization for standing with Ukraine and Ukrainians during this difficult time. The QSI Board has been proud to support many staff and families.  

I wish everyone a wonderful summer and hope you will have a restful break!  




Luke Woodruff
Kyiv International School

On Campus / Online Learning 2023-2024

We hope all our returning students will be able to attend classes on campus next year.  If your family believes that online learning is the best option for you, please reach out to Ms. Geary at to discuss what this might look like next year.  

IE Summer Program

First page of the PDF file: IESummerProgramFlyer

Key Dates

25 August - First day of school

KIS Information 2023-2024

School Calendar

KIS Faculty & Staff for 2023 - 2024


Administration & Counselors

Rachel Geary

Mrs. Rachel Geary

  • School Director
Alexander Postolovsky

Mr. Alexander Postolovsky

  • Facilities Director
Chelsey Zoromski

Ms. Chelsey Zoromski

  • School Counselor
Anna Golodryga

Mrs. Anna Golodryga

  • Business Office Manager
Maria Sydorchuk

Mrs. Maria Sydorchuk

  • Office Manager
Dmytro Bereziuk

Mr. Dmytro Bereziuk

  • Lawyer
Kostyantyn Osadchuk

Mr. Kostyantyn Osadchuk

  • IT Manager


Ms. Nataliya Yegorova

Ms. Nataliya Yegorova

  • Preschool
Yulia Petrunyok

Mrs. Yulia Petrunyok

  • Preschool
Nataliya Rudenko

Ms. Nataliya Rudenko

  • Preschool
Olena Petrunyok

Ms. Olena Petrunyok

  • Preschool
Alla Mironenko

Mrs. Alla Mironenko

  • Preschool
Mrs. Kateryna Zakharova

Mrs. Kateryna Zakharova

  • Preschool
Olena Shefner

Mrs. Olena Shefner

  • Elementary
Anna Zabara

Ms. Anna Zabara

  • Elementary
Alisa Stubbs

Mrs. Alisa Stubbs

  • Elementary
Lyubov Onyskevych

Ms. Lyubov Onyskevych

  • Elementary
Julia Prima

Mrs. Julia Prima

  • Elementary
Olga Steblyanko

Mrs. Olga Steblyanko

  • Elementary
Liudmila Stetskova

Mrs. Liudmila Stetskova

  • Elementary
Michael Curry

Mr. Michael Curry

  • Elementary
Olga Golitsyna

Mrs. Olga Golitsyna

  • Elementary
Alla Titova

Mrs. Alla Titova

  • Middle School & Secondary
Oksana Melnyk

Ms. Oksana Melnyk 

  • Middle School & Secondary
Natalia Kuzovleva

Mrs. Natalia Kuzovleva

  • Middle School & Secondary
Gale Stubbs

Mr. Gale Stubbs

  • Middle School & Secondary
Lee Feekins

Mr. Lee Feekins

  • Middle School & Secondary
Leanne Hume

Mrs. Leanne Hume

  • Middle School & Secondary
Mr. Bob Hume

Mr. Bob Hume

  • Middle School & Secondary
Jacques Kaufmann

Mr. Jacques Kaufmann

  • Middle School & Secondary
Amanda Denney

Ms. Amanda Denney

  • Middle School & Secondary
Oksana Chemerys

Mrs. Oksana Chemerys

  • Middle School & Secondary
Maxim Filatov

Mr. Maxim Filatov

  • Middle School & Secondary
Yulia Vazhka

Ms. Yulia Vazhka

  • Middle School & Secondary
Sergiy Berezhny

Mr. Sergiy Berezhny

  • LOE
Maria Bizhyk

Mrs. Maria Bizhyk

  • LOE
Daria Filatova

Ms. Daria Filatova

  • LOE
Dana Horbunova

Mrs. Dana Horbunova

  • LOE
Kateryna Munteanu

Mrs. Kateryna Munteanu

  • LOE
Anastasiia Rabchun

Ms. Anastasiia Rabchun

  • LOE
Irene Bykova

Mrs. Irene Bykova

  • Intensive English
Olga Kardash

Mrs. Olga Kardash

  • Intensive English
Mrs. Alla Yarmolenko

Mrs. Alla Yarmolenko

  • Specials
Ionova Svitlana

Mrs. Svitlana Ionova

  • Specials
Olga Shliakhovska

Mrs. Olga Shliakhovska

  • Specials
Prima Anatoly

Mr. Anatoly Prima

  • Specials
Olexandra Myronova

Ms. Olexandra Myronova

  • Specials
Tetiana Rutkovska

Mrs. Tetiana Rutkovska

  • Learning Support
Galina Shymanska

Ms. Galina Shymanska

  • Learning Support

Office & IT

Nataliia Bohush

Ms. Nataliia Bohush

Alina Filipchuk

Ms. Alina Filipchuk

Yevgeniy Kutsenko

Mr. Yevgeniy Kutsenko

Victoriia Sydorenko

Mrs. Victoriia Sydorenko

Anna Velichanskaya

Mrs. Anna Velichanskaya

Iryna Kotyk

Ms. Iryna Kotyk

Tamara Zorenko

Ms. Tamara Zorenko

Anna Yurkevych

Mrs. Anna Yurkevych

Mykola Kovalenko

Mr. Mykola Kovalenko

Vlad Zakharov

Mr. Vlad Zakharov

Sergiy Rozhnov

Mr. Sergiy Rozhnov

Bogdan Ryabov

Mr. Bogdan Ryabov

Support Staff

Igor Kovalenko

Mr. Igor Kovalenko

Dmytro Zimin

Mr. Dmytro Zimin

Sergiy Snigur

Mr. Sergiy Snigur

Igor Dolzhenko

Mr. Igor Dolzhenko

Tetyana Boychenko

Mrs. Tetyana Boychenko

Oleksiy Boychenko

Mr. Oleksiy Boychenko

Oleg Zakharchenko

Mr. Oleg Zakharchenko

Andriy Symonenko

Mr. Andriy Symonenko

Yuliya Sadabash

Mrs. Yuliya Sadabash

Nataliya Kryvovyaz

Mrs. Nataliya Kryvovyaz

Nataliya Kotyk

Mrs. Nataliya Kotyk

Mariya Dvorko

Mrs. Mariya Dvorko

Mariya Konovalchuk

Mrs. Mariya Konovalchuk

Nataliya Klymenok

Mrs. Nataliya Klymenok

Ruslana Fedorenko

Mrs. Ruslana Fedorenko

Sergiy Shelest

Mr. Sergiy Shelest

Sergiy Klymenok

Mr. Sergiy Klymenok

Borys Dahno

Mr. Borys Dahno

Valeriy Shakula

Mr. Valeriy Shakula

Oleksandr Moiseienko

Mr. Oleksandr Moiseienko

Sergiy Lisovskiy

Mr. Sergiy Lisovskiy

Vasyl Lazorenko

Mr. Vasyl Lazorenko

Oleksandr Druz

Mr. Oleksandr Druz

Yuriy Sadabash

Mr. Yuriy Sadabash

Yuriy Dukhota

Mr. Yuriy Dukhota





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