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Russia Invaded Ukraine

On 24 February, 2022 in early morning hours Russia has launched a devastating air, land and sea attack on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million people. 

These are terrifying times for the people of Ukraine and horrifying for the rest of the continent, witnessing a major power invading a European neighbour for the first time since World War Two.

Kyiv International School is known for serving its community and will continue to do so no matter what. We ask our friends, colleagues and everyone who has heart for Ukraine to support this beautiful country in such dark hour. Your help, your voice, your input, your support are highly needed!

How To Support Ukraine

✅ Real ways how you can help Ukraine as a foreigner:

Global Help (source -

💵  Donate

⛑️ Humanitarian help

✊ Join a protest in your city

📰 Read info from the source

💬 Post in social media


🏠 Host Ukrainians and Help Locally

🏛️ Influence Authorities Directly

✍️ Sign the petition

The relevant humanitarian aid initiatives:
  • Armor in Kind Donations project of Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, aimed at procuring and shipping helmets and body armor to provide urgent help and support for the civilian defense units that are protecting the cities, towns, and villages of Ukraine
  • Yellowblue Force Foundation – an international volunteering initiative raising funds outside Ukraine to provide large-scale assistance to the Ukrainian Army and support humanitarian actions on the frontline
  • Operation Palyanytsya – a humanitarian relief project administered and directed by The Committee for Open Democracy (COD), a US-based non-profit organization
  • Fundraising campaign of Swiss-funded project DESPRO, aimed at providing assistance to affected by Russian invasion individuals and families for food, medication, clothing and other essentials, as well as financing emergency infrastructure repairs in communities ruined by war

AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  has a great list of verified ways of helping Ukraine in such areas as:

➡️ Here is a great resource for the Ukrainians who had to leave their homes and look for the shelter: LINK

✅ How can you help locally?

There are many ways to support Ukraine and its citizens. Here are the easiest: 
  • Put the Ukrainian flag on your profile picture on social media
  • Share truthful news about the invasion
  • Donate money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Maintain kindness and help others
Please see below the list of actions you can take and organizations that are willing to help. This list was compiled in cooperation with KIS staff, the School’s friends (special thanks to Pechersk School International) and partners.

Please note that some organisations do not have an English version of their website, as such we recommend using the Google Translate plugin available in most common browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc

As the world remains glued to the unfolding conflict in Ukraine, our KIS family around the world is heartbroken for all who are affected by this situation.  The project, Voices of Ukraine, gave students and staff the opportunity to share what they are going through during this time. It was also a place to share thoughts, experiences, and encouragement for each other.  We also thank our QSI family for the words of support and encouragement. 

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Thank you for your support of Ukraine and its people!
Every action, every step matters.
Together we are a force!