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About Kyiv International School

Founded in 1992, Kyiv International School is a non-profit, co-educational day school for students from 2 years of age through Secondary graduation, plays a leading role in educating the city's expatriate, diplomatic and business communities. 

Modern, student-centered learning with the focus on the development of 21st Century Learning Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and collaboration, cultural awareness and digital literacy. KIS provides holistic approach to each student. We strongly believe that success breeds success. 

The school offers an English language, international school curriculum that focuses on academic rigor and college preparedness. Our vigorous programmes and activities encourage students to discover their interests and strengths. Being an organization of international community, KIS embraces diversity and celebrates each individual's potential. 

Please feel free to contact our admissions office if you have any questions about admissions policies, procedures, academic programmes

Director's Message

Our resilience, ability to adapt and adjust and continue to offer outstanding educational experiences are due to our professional staff, our belief in the transformative power of mastery learning and our commitment to providing engaging, meaningful education in any circumstance.  At Kyiv International School we provide a holistic academic program that helps all students to be successful in a rapidly changing global society. Our vibrant and active school community is committed to quality education and providing a variety of learning opportunities and experiences in and out of the classroom.

Our purpose-built facility, including our converted basement shelter allows us to offer a safe and inspiring environment where students can pursue their passions, develop new interests and challenge themselves to try something new.   

Over the last 30 years, Kyiv International School has strived to produce ambitious, creative, curious students who are adaptable, involved and committed. The school’s rigorous academic program, combined with the mastery learning philosophy, aims to build a solid foundation for all students preparing for the high standards of the best colleges and universities around the world.  Students are very involved in the learning process; higher-order thinking and reflection are central to curriculum and instruction.  Students, teachers, administrators, and parents all work together to monitor student progress, growth, and placement.
KIS also supports a wealth of extra-curricular activities in which students can be involved and promotes a healthy and balanced student life.  Fostering leadership skills, learning the importance of teamwork and cementing life-long memories, our sports and activities are an essential component of school life at KIS. 

At the heart of KIS is a joyful committed community of learners and people invested in facilitating the learning process. We want our students to love coming to school and for their educational experience to be a healthy and positive time in their lives that builds confidence, curiosity, and the capacity to succeed.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have.  It’s our pleasure to invite you to our exceptional school to experience our warm and welcoming community. 

Rachel Geary 

Wellbeing @KIS

Kyiv International School is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our campus community.

The school's Wellness Committee is responsible for assessing the learning needs of students, as well as promoting the social-emotional wellbeing of the campus community.

Child Protection

Kyiv International School is committed to the practice of prevention and protection from abuse or neglect and to always acting in the best interest of children and young people. 



Nonprofit School

Kyiv International School is a registered nonprofit in Ukraine. 

The school is a member of the Quality Schools International (QSI) family.