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Faculty and Staff

We believe in providing an aesthetically pleasing physical surrounding under the charge of a caring staff who believe their students will be successful, and who use time with the students as a resource for learning rather than as a boundary condition to determine when a unit of learning begins and ends. Educators at Kyiv International School are a highly-qualified, talented, experienced, and motivated group of professionals, who apply their best practices helping students to achieve their personal potential - intellectual, sporting, creative or service related. At KIS, our commitment to ongoing professional development sees us hosting a range of professional development workshops for our staff. 

Ms. Carla Grossman

Titles: Middle School Director of Instruction

Ms. Chelsey Zoromski

Titles: Middle School Counselor 

Ms. Maria Sydorchuk

Titles: Middle School Administrative Assistant

Ms. Whitney Mallory

Titles: MS Literature Teacher

Ms. Jennifer Endres

Titles: MS Mathematics Teacher 

Ms. Galina Sheridan

Titles: MS English Teacher

Mr. Gregory Davis

Titles: MS Literature Teacher

Ms. Helen Kasian

Titles: MS Art Teacher

Mr. Lee Feekins

Titles: MS Cultural Studies

Ms. Anastasiya Serdyuchenko

Titles: Science Assistant

Mr. David Murff

Titles: MS Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Kelly Remick

Titles: MS Science Teacher

Mr. Bill Stevenson

Titles: MS Literature Teacher

Ms. Svetlana Ionova

Titles: Music Teacher