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Languages Other Than English

At Kyiv International School, the Languages Other Than English (LOE) program plays a crucial role in fostering a multicultural and globally aware educational environment. We highly appreciate the diverse linguistic backgrounds within our community and are dedicated to encouraging the use of multiple languages. With students hailing from various countries, our language programs are tailored to not only foster fluency in an additional language but also to nurture an appreciation for different cultures

Languages Other than English (LOE) department is offering the following languages: Ukrainian (Native and Non-Native programs), French and German to students from 5 y.o. to Secondary IV (Grade 12). 

Experienced and qualified teachers, different courses (IB, AP and QSI) and methods, possibility to learn two languages in the High School and to try all the LOE choices in the Elementary within Discovering World Languages and Pre-Introductory classes (5-6 y.o.), successful completion of external exams for the International certificates (DELF and Goethe).  

We firmly believe in the importance of promoting multilingualism as it contributes to a deeper understanding and connection between individuals from diverse backgrounds.