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MS Shared Planner

Dear Middle School Parents and Students,

I am excited to introduce the Middle School SHARED PLANNER system. This new communication tool has been designed to help parents better understand what their child is learning each day AND help students plan their week.

You’ll notice there are three links, one for each age level of courses in middle school. These are Excel based documents; the tabs along the bottom of the workbook are labeled by week. Each Monday afternoon, the current week will be updated by teachers and be ready for viewing.

Classes Link to “Live” Shared Planner (Intensive English, LOE, and Safety Netting classes are not part of the shared planner.)

  Classes     Link to “Live” Shared Planner (Intensive English, LOE, and Safety Netting classes are not part of the shared planner.)  

  11-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 11Y.O.

  12-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 12Y.O.

  13-year-old Classes  

Shared Planner Link - 13Y.O.




Each Monday afternoon during homeroom time, teachers will open the SHARED PLANNER and review it with students. Students will have time to add information to their paper planners. This will help students plan their week as tests, quizzes and homework are noted.

The Shared Planner is purposefully designed to communicate the big picture about what is happening in each class. For more details, students should go to the Microsoft 365 TEAM for that class. Parents and their children are encouraged to look at 365 TEAM contents together as needed.

I will be checking with students and parents in a few weeks to gather feedback regarding our Shared Planner system. I want to take this opportunity to thank teachers for the collaborative efforts needed to provide this meaningful and timely communication to our students and parents each week. Bravo!

Best regards,
Mrs. Grossman
KIS Middle School Director of Instruction