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Cafeteria & Snack Bars

Healthy, Nutritious and Affordable

Kyiv International School is committed to providing fresh, homemade food to our campus community and ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions. The school partners with KFN Catering to manage lunch and snack services. The use of the cafeteria is optional. Parents are welcome to provide students with homemade lunches.  

KFN operates with a no-cash payment system to ensure safety for the school community and offers a debit card for daily use in Cafeteria, SnackBar and CoffeeShop. Charging your debit card with UAH cash can be done at KFN charging kiosk right next to reception in the main lobby or inside the cafeteria. KFN also has a bank transfer system for payments in order to support families. For more information, please contact KFN at