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Counseling @KIS

Academic & Career. Personal & Social

Using a global perspective, the Counseling Department at Kyiv International School provide academic, career, and personal/social services to students, parents, school staff, and our campus community.  

The School Counseling program at Kyiv International School has been developed within the framework of the International School Counselor Association’s International Model for School Counseling Programs.

The counselors at KIS use the following delivery systems: 

  • Guidance Curriculum - Success Orientation and counseling lessons given by the school counselor during the school day. 
  • Individual Student Planning - Meeting with students individually or in groups. 
  • Responsive Services - Responding to immediate, unplanned social-emotional needs. 
  • System Support – Administrative and management tasks to maintain the school counseling program. 

How we spend our time at each division? 

Delivery System

Pre-School & Elementary

Middle School


Guidance Curriculum




Individual Student Planning




Responsive Services




System Support





School counselors at KIS follow International Content Standards. Here are the domains and a brief overview of each: 

  • Improve academic self-concept

  • Acquire skills for improving learning

  • Achieve school success

  • Improve learning

  • Plan to achieve goals

  • Relate school to life experiences

  • Develop career awareness within a global workplace

  • Develop global employment readiness 

  • Acquire career information appropriate to a multi-cultural setting

  • Identify career goals

  • Acquire knowledge to achieve career goals

  • Apply skills to achieve career goals

  • Acquire self-knowledge

  • Acquire interpersonal skills

  • Apply self-knowledge skills

  • Acquire personal safety skills

Global Perspective
  • Discover what culture is and how it is formed

  • Learn about wats in which culture manifests in societies