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Empower @KIS


As an important part of the child safeguarding and protection plan, teachers instruct all children from a young age and in an age-appropriate way to: 

  • Understand their right to be safe and recognize abuse of this right. 
  • Identify people who can help to keep children safe.
  • Talk to a trusted adult when they do not feel safe. 

Child protection lessons align with QSI’s success orientations. In order to create a safe and supportive learning environment, QSI schools focus on: 

  • Concern for others: treating each other with respect and empathy. 
  • Group interaction: collaborating with each other and developing relationships that value equity and diversity. 
  • Responsibility: recognizing individual rights and protecting ourselves while respecting others. 
  • Trustworthiness: making decisions that are informed, fair, safe, and ethical. 
  • Independent Endeavor: recognizing unsafe or unfair situations and responding in a thoughtful way.